Videos by Animoto + A PROMOTION!
September 15, 2012
Listen up, lovelies.  Because today is one of those days that we most definitely need your full and total attention.  Why, you ask?  Well, we happen to have a little something extra special up our sleeves and, trust us when we tell you, it's about to rock.your.world in every which way.   SMPers - meet Animoto, an uber-fabulous video service that makes creating and sharing videos as simple as 1,2,3.  Think easy-to-use, totally fun and completely awesome.  Now you can capture all of those special moments from your big day and WOW your family and friends with a video that is the perfect keepsake.  And did I mention it was easy-to-use and completely shareable?  These guys are amazing.

With Animoto, you'll have a fab video chock-full of memories in literally no time at all.  Simply log online (or use your super convenient iPhone or Android app) and in THREE easy steps, voilà! - total video masterpiece.  Yep - just select your video style, add images, videos, music and words and then share the video with your family and friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  It's seriously that simple.  And you can even make a keepsake DVD.  Plus, you can receive one full-length downloadable video for FREE by using the promo code wedding. (Expires September 30, 2012.) 

Be as creative as you want to be - add the words to your favorite song, make a stellar Save the Date or capture all of those sweet honeymoon memories.  And when you're done, send them out to each of your nearest and dearest.  Seriously... sharing the excitement of your Big Day has never been easier... or more powerful!  And with Animoto, it's not only simple to use, but cost-effective, too!  It's completely FREE to make 30 second videos and just $5 a month or $30 a year for longer videos.  Outstanding.

So, what are you waiting for, SMPers?  Head on over to Animoto TODAY to start creating those memories!  And don't miss out on their awesome promotion for SMP readers!  Create one full-length downloadable video for FREE by using the promo code wedding. (Expires September 30, 2012.)  Happy video building, lovelies! xoxo