Style Me Pretty Weddings - THE BOOK!!!
September 13, 2012
As you read this post, please imagine a girl, sitting behind a computer, smiling so hugely you just might think she's a touch crazy. But she's not. She's just more excited than she's ever been in her whole life. Or at least very, very close. Because the day has finally come that she gets to announce her book. The book that consumed the vast majority of her life for the better part of a year, that is more beautiful, more perfect than she ever could have dreamed. With a cover image by Jose Villa no less. And that she's convinced contains the most lovely weddings, ideas and inspirations she's ever seen. And then some more goodies (like 15 DIY projects and blueprints on how to make your day...amazing) just for good measure. And that is right now, as she types this very post, totally available for pre-sale here, here and here. Oops, her smile just got far too big for her face.

Cover Photography: Jose Villa

They say that writing a book is like giving birth to a child. Well, at least that's what Carol Radziwill said on the Real Housewives of New York and for anyone who watches RHON, you know that what Carole says is usually spot on. Despite what the Countess might think. And although to some that may sound ridiculous, for this mama of 2 children, it's pretty close to true. This book is Style Me Pretty. It's beautiful weddings, it's ideas that are real and approachable and yet decidedly chic. It's moments of pure genius crafted by some of our favorite vendors, artists and designers in the world. It's practical, it's dream worthy, it's fabulous. And it's something that I pored my complete heart and soul into.

Because, when you pop onto SMP on any given day, you see one stunning wedding after another. And visions of prettiness get to float through your head all day long. Well, what you might not know is that it kills me to see the weddings go by. Because I love each and every wedding that we publish. And while we've toyed with the idea of putting something in print for a while, it wasn't until we partnered up with the likes of Random House that we decided to really give it a go. Because we wanted it to be perfect. To be useful. To be a wedding bible of sorts and something that could find a home on a beautiful shelf  just as happily as it could tucked into your bag to pore over with your girlfriends, vendors, and soon-to-bes.

And guess what? We did it. And the perfect, couldn't be any more beautiful piece of heaven is set to hit shelves December 18th. But for all of the die hards, you can reserve your pre-ordered copy right herehere and here.  Here's a little sneaky peek from inside the covers...

Style Me Pretty Weddings by Abby Larson - Excerpt

So there you have it. Blush. We're officially authors! Double Blush. And we couldn't be more proud. And it wouldn't have been possible without each and every one of you. Our family. Our big, crazy, woooo-hoooo we're getting married family who trusts us day after day to share their morning coffee with, to gab about with girlfriends, to inspire what might be the best day of your life. So whether or not you decide to buy yourself one (or here + here) of these beauts, please know that we are humbled and grateful that we even have this opportunity to be on this adventure and that every day (literally) we raise our glass to you.

Cover Photography: Jose Villa / Photo Shoot Venue: Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California / Design, Styling + Planning: Joy Proctor of Joy de Vivre Design Boutique / Floral Design: Florette Designs / Cake: Sweet & Saucy Shop / Wedding Dress: Samuelle Couture / Hair + Makeup: Ashley + Christin of LunaBella Makeup and Hair / Model: Erin Gome / Vintage Rentals: {Found} Vintage Rentals