Montreal Wedding from Tim Chin Photography + Unity Weddings
September 4, 2012
North America
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Any wedding that has an individual cake for every guest is a wedding I can love. And when it's purple, pretty, and perfect it's double easy to love. Unity Weddings worked with this gorgeous couple to create a wedding that will leave you with your chin on the floor. Once you regain full control of your mouth and are ready to smile, Tim Chin Photography + Design has loaded a gallery for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
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From the bride ... We always wanted our wedding to showcase the best elements of both of our cultures. The ceremony, food, décor and music were influenced by my Middle Eastern roots, Montreal’s European feel, and our desire to treat our guests to everything gourmet and luxurious. It was important for us that our guests knew how much we appreciate their presence in our lives and that they were a big part of shaping the best night of our lives! The combination of our favourite things that night ended up having the look and feel of a perfect fairytale-like evening.

From Unity Weddings ... Haneen and Galen came to me from Toronto, with a simple vision: To have a crazy party, incorporating Haneen's Middle Eastern roots, and an insane decor. We started off with a color palette of purples and gold, and added in touches of mint. The couple quickly became enamoured with all things candles, so we added crystal candelabras onto the tables while they collected antique chandeliers in Toronto's antique shops. I then spray-painted them all gold to tie in with the rest of the decor.

Working within the colors, we agreed that having eclectic touches would liven up the whole thing, so instead of having a traditional wedding cake, I decided that each guest should have his own little cake (and that they should all be slightly different). And since we were doing mini wedding cakes, why not give each one of them its own little stand? To get the look going, I purchased old glasses and little plates at the salvation army store, glued them together, and spray-painted them gold. No easy feat since there were close to 160 guests!

The night ended up being a magical affair that felt a bit more Alice in Wonderland than Prince of Arabia!

Photography: Tim Chin Photography + Design / Wedding Coordination and Design: Unity Weddings / Flowers: Alain Simon Fleurs / Rentals (linens, chairs, tableware, flower vases, candelabras): Celebrations / Cocktail tables: Sofa To Go / Cakes: Sophie Sucree / Cake stands: handmade by Unity Weddings / Venue: Entrepots Dominion