Galveston Engagement Session by Amanda Green Photography
August 24, 2012
VintageBeach Weddings
I love all things vintage, all things beach and all things love - so when they all come together in such a pretty way thanks to the gorgeous images by Amanda Green Photography, I'm done. Finito. I can't even pretend to keep my cool when something this cute comes across my screen. So I don't even try, I just embrace the giddiness in the full gallery of images!

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From the Bride-to-Be... Alen and I both love swimming and laying out by the water, so, we thought a beach engagement photo session would be truly fitting! Last year I had been inspired by other vintage beach engagement sessions from other couples and decided to whip one up for me and my honey. I just needed some vintage items to set the scene! Alen had bought me a beach cruiser for Christmas last year, and I knew this was the perfect time to use it. He knew I had wanted a red bike (badly) and was disappointed that the bike he bought online ended up being hot pink when it showed up in the mail! The bike is so simple in structure, though, I was able to just spray paint it a nice candy apple red. So, with bikes and other various vintage props in hand, we took ourselves to Galveston to meet up with my friend and amazing natural light photographer, Mrs. Amanda Green. Before meeting her at the beach we stopped by a local grocery shop to pick up some flowers and vintage-looking sodas. We biked down to Murdoch's Bathhouse just as the sun was setting and met up with her, both a little nervous to be taking pictures. Alen was such a trooper — this was his first time riding a bike ever, and he basically looked like a pro. Amanda was just as excited as we were to take the pictures, and she had a ton of great ideas! There was no reason to be nervous anymore because she was so personable and easy to work with. It was like we were just hanging out. The one thing I was still worried about (because it was Memorial Day weekend) was that there would be a million other people in the photos — but she was so amazing at maneuvering us that there was not a single photo-bomb. After the photo session, we enjoyed the rest of our time in Galveston before making our way back home. It was a wonderful weekend!

Photography: Amanda Green Photography / Engagement Session Location: Galveston, Texas / Flowers: DIY / Dress: CurryBeth / Swim Trunks + Swim Suit: J.Crew / Hair + Makeup: DIY