Guest Post: Tantalizing Table Tops from Jules Bianchi Photography
August 22, 2012
We're back with Jules Bianchi today my lovely LBBers and the subject at hand is table tops. It's what your guests are going to spend their most time looking at, so I can't wait to hear what Jules has to say on the subject!

Hello pretty bride! If you're like most brides, you have probably chosen a theme and a color scheme for your wedding. The table tops at your reception are going to be an important element to continue this theme. Here you have the opportunity to chose contrasting colors, vintage pieces, feathers, flowers, twigs, birds, just about anything you can imagine that will help keep the look of your wedding going throughout the day. There is usually a variety of table tops at any given wedding. Some tables have tall pieces while others might have short pieces. The type of tables you have will also dictate the type of table tops you will require. Many weddings have several round tables, but others might have rows of long tables. Consider the space before settling on any one style.

Click here to see more tantalizing table tops in the gallery!

I always make sure there is at least 30 minutes set aside for me to go into the reception space while guests are enjoying cocktails so that I can photograph all of the table tops and details. I'm always so impressed with the creativity I find on these tables! I use a macro lens to get in close as well as a wide angle to get the table tops in context with the whole room. I endeavor to photograph them from as many different angles as possible so we can have a lot of choices for the wedding album later. I know that once the wedding is over, these images are really all you will have left to remember that gorgeous room!

I just couldn't cut down the number of stunning table tops from all the weddings I've photographed.... so there are a lot to view here! I hope they inspire you to find the perfect type for you!

Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown are synergistic sisters who run a successful boutique photography studio in Oakland, California, and travel worldwide to photograph some of the world’s most gorgeous weddings.  Jules is an international award-winning photographer who started her wedding photography business eleven years ago and was joined by Joy in 2006.  Jules work has been featured in magazines such as People, The Knot, & Destination I Do.  Jules is active in the photography community as a mentor and speaker, but her favorite thing to do is to capture life as she sees it. You can usually find Jules snuggling with her dog, Olive, or photographing Joy’s two little girls. Working together, they have a lot of fun and go through a lot of chocolate.

Photography: Jules Bianchi Photography