Customized Photo Books from Blurb
August 18, 2012
I have a confession, if I weren't already happily married, I might indeed run off with Blurb, the photo book making powerhouse. Our love affair has been going strong for a year now, when I stumbled upon their awesomeness and promptly made an anniversary photo book for the hubs. He cried, by the way. That good lovies, that good.  And now it has culminated in a wedding album that dreams are made of.

I'm the kind of Mrs. that loves to rifle through her wedding day images, all 1500 of them, but never quite gets around to turning them into an album. That is until now. I set my sights on Blurb and their easy peasy book making process and never looked back. A few hours, a glass of red and some 100 pages later, I am the proud owner of Wedding Album fabulousness. Whether you are a expert photo wrangler and need little guidance in making the layout of your dreams or prefer some ever so kind hand-holding, Blurb has your back. And the result is nothing short of custom book elegance.

One of the things I adore about Blurb is their attention to detail and all those details come at super affordable prices. The list looks a little something like this: Loads of lovely paper options, check. Sizes from oh so petite to big and beautiful, check. A linen hardcover in the prettiest of hues or an image wrap if you so please, check and check. A binding built to last, yep another check. Blurb allows any and everyone to build a truly beautiful one-of-a-kind book. And the uses are endless. It doesn't stop at wedding albums. Think a personalized guest book, gifts for your bridesmaids, maybe even a honeymoon book full of all those fabulous vacation photos.

Blurb is the kind of place that you can grow old with, making loads of pretty photo books along the way. I know I plan on doing just that. Next up on my Blurb adventure? An Instagram photo book. Oh yeah, they have those too. So what are you waiting for loves? Start turning all those pretty moments into photo books today. Blurb is waiting with open arms.

Wedding Photography by Corbin Gurkin