Local Blog Spotlight
August 16, 2012
A rustic soiree can be a powerful thing.  One that can instantly put a smile on your face and fill your entire day with burlap lovin' happy.  And when paired with sweet pasted hues, mismatched bridesmaid frocks and darling DIY details every which way you turn?  It's seriously amazing.  Which is why we couldn't wait one.more.second to share this gorgeous BC affair happening on the Canada Blog today. It's perfectly rustic with handcrafted lovely and enough happy to make your heart skip a beat.
Sooo stunning.  You can check out every last glorious image from Kelsy Nielson Photography in the full gallery (aka, swoon-fest central) - and then be sure to join us for all of the lovely happening right here.right now our Local Blog Network.  From a gorgeous traditional affair in NYC to a modern Miami soiree to a breathtaking Adelaide Hills shoot, the inspiration is seriously flowing.  And, trust us, you don't want to miss a single moment.  We'll see you there! xoxo