Local Blog Spotlight
July 31, 2012
How's this for fabulous?  A gorgeous carnival-themed wedding, a beautiful Pasadena backdrop, stunning images by Acqua Photo and an oh-so-yummy sweets table from none other than the amazing Sweet & Saucy Shop... Sounds downright fantastic, no?  Well, if you can believe it, that's just the beginning of the vibrant yellow lovely happening right.this.very.second on the California Weddings blog.  So, if you are in the mood for some DIY goodness and a whole lot of F.U.N (and, really, who isn't!?!), then take a look below...
Breathtaking.  You can check out every last ounce of this love-filled fête here (psst... there's a lemonade stand!) - and then be sure to stop by each and every blog on our Local Blog Network.  You'll spend your day swooning over uber-fabulous weddings, gorgeous e-sessions, sweet, sweet bridal showers.. and more!  Plus, did I mention there's even a giveaway or two?!?  (Yep... amazing.)  We'll see you there! xoxo