Austin Wedding at Palm Door by Thompson Poole Photography
July 27, 2012
By: Jacey
Some people say "Keep Austin Weird," but in this case I would say "Keep Austin Beautiful" because that's what this wedding by Thompson Poole Photography is: beautiful. The personal touches to the day are as heartfelt and warm as the couple's love story and you simply cannot ask for more impeccable floral arrangements by Viridian Design Studio.  Read the full story below and head over to the gallery for more.
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From the Bride... Bryan and I had known of each other a long time before we actually met. We went to all the same schools growing up but were separated by a few years. He always had a very striking presence, and I remember being sort of in awe of him from afar — even in elementary school. By high school, he and my brother had become friends, and he began to appear at my parents' house on occasion. I'll never forget the first time he ate dinner with us. Mom and I had roasted a chicken with herbs and served it with saffron rice and asparagus. I watched him out of the corner of my eye the whole time and had to laugh to myself as he quietly and deliberately removed every last spec of rosemary from his serving of chicken, creating a very neat little green pile on the side of his plate. He and I didn't exchange any words that evening, only a few glances. In fact, it was a good five years before he and I had a real conversation. The conversation wasn't about anything earth-shatteringly deep or impressive, but both of us remember every word of it. We carried it around with us over the next few years, not meeting or talking, but thinking of each other.

In December 2009, Texas was hit by a massive snowstorm, confining me to my house for a week. I had to forfeit a cozy holiday at home for a week spent alone with my dog, eating nothing but string cheese and pecan divinity. Meanwhile my family was having a good old time, catching up with friends by the fireside. When my mom told me over the phone that Bryan was there visiting, I replied in jest, “Well, how am I supposed to marry Bryan Rutherford if I can't ever see him??” It was kind of an odd comment to make, looking back. We were married precisely one year later. Things happened rather quickly after that evening. Bryan apparently inquired after me with more than just polite interest, and my Dad slipped him my email address. He wrote me the next day. When I received his letter, I was dumbfounded. I knew that something wonderfully important had happened. We wrote or talked every day after that, and within two months we were engaged.

Bryan and I entertained the idea of eloping, but we knew our families would be disappointed, so we decided instead an easy New Years Day wedding with our closest family and friends. We based our color palette on some handmade Japanese origami paper I'd found in Berkeley, where Bryan was living when we first started dating. I would fold little gifts for him and hide them around his house. I used the same paper to make favors for our wedding guests. It took me about four months to hand-fold the favors, but I enjoyed every second, partly because Bryan entertained me by reading aloud to me while I worked. It was a very special time for us.

Wedding Photography: Thompson Poole Photography / Ceremony: St. Austin Catholic Church in Austin, Texas / Reception: Palm Door in Austin, Texas / Event Planning + Floral Design: Viridian Design Studio / Catering: Pink Avocado / Wedding Cake: Simon Lee Bakery / Wedding Dress: Ellana Couture / Rings: Victoria Moore + Shibumi Studio & Gallery