DIY Tea-Stained Favor Box by Event Styling by Shawna Marie
July 26, 2012
DIY Inspired
Shawna Marie is at it again - crafting up the prettiness so we can share the cleverness with all of you. And today she is jazzing up the favor box that will surely wow your guests. The best part? This DIY project doesn't have to end at weddings - the options are endless for this cute as can be craft. Helmutwalker Photography snapped up all the goodness so there is even more in the full gallery!

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From Event Styling by Shawna Marie...

Box Supplies:

  • Unfinished wooden boxes

  • A cup of black brewed tea

  • Sponge brush,

  • Scrap paper

  • Several tea bags

Label Supplies:

  • Chalkboard paper

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Chalk pen

  • Tape or adhesive

1. Dip the brush in brewed tea and paint the wood boxes. Use some scrap paper to catch the drips.
2. Be sure to get all the nooks and crannies of the box, even the insides. Let the box dry, then apply additional coats if you want a deeper color.
3. Cut the labels if necessary to fit on top of your box. Use a pencil to sketch out the label. You can do names for table place cards or cute sayings for favors.
4. Use a chalk pen or white marker to trace over your pencil lines.
5  Adhere your finished label to the top of the box with tape, glue or adhesive.
6. Fill the box with your favorite tea for your guests to enjoy!

Photography: Helmutwalker Photography / Tutorial Design: Event Styling by Shawna Marie