1950s Inspired Engagement Session by Matthew Moore Photography
July 18, 2012
This adorable couple wanted something totally different and entirely meaningful for their engagement session and decided on a 50's inspired photo session that encompassed all the things they love. They infused bits and pieces of their loved ones into the shoot like the groom to be's grandfather's briefcase and hat and the bride to be's grandmother's engagement ring and wedding band. We totally LOVE that! Matthew Moore Photography snapped up all the pretty and there's so much more right here in the full gallery!
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From the Bride-to-Be... Wes and I were engaged in New York City in December of 2011. We have been dating for four years. One of the most important things to us in regards to our engagement shoot was to have pictures that were different from the norm. To accomplish that, we knew we would need an amazing photographer. I don't think either of us realized just how lucky we were to have Matthew Moore Photography as our wedding photographers until our engagement shoot. They went above and beyond to bring the idea I had in my head to real life. Wes' last name is Crabbe. Mine is Cook, thus making us the Cook-Crabbe wedding. We have decided to fully embrace this, as it gives us further solidification that we are, in fact, meant for each other.

One of my favorite hobbies is cooking, and one of Wes' favorite hobbies is eating (again, proof that we are meant for each other), so we wanted that to be a part of our engagement shoot. While we did a few pictures around my townhome, the majority of our shoot was at a mid-century modern home in Dallas where we acted like a couple from the '50s. I played a housewife who had been working diligently in the kitchen all day preparing a meal fit for an ideal husband, and Wes was a businessman who had just spent a long day at the office, and was now ready to come home and unwind with his wife. In the photographs, there are many nods to our relatives who we both have loved dearly, but unfortunately have lost. They include my Nana's china and Wes' papa's hat and briefcase. I am also wearing my Nana's engagement and wedding band in the photographs set in the '50s. Although these are small details that will go unnoticed to many, they are incredibly special details for us. Our photographers did a beautiful job capturing the nature of our relationship, as I truly think you can feel our love and bond radiating from each photograph. 

Photography: Matthew + Katie of Matthew Moore Photography / Location: A For-Sale Home in Dallas, Texas, Courtesy of Ed Murchison of Virginia Cook Realtors / Attire: Banana Republic (Mad Men Collection) / Hair + Makeup: Katie Moore