Guest Post: Let Them Eat Cake from Jules Bianchi Photography
July 11, 2012
We're back with the lovely Jules Bianchi Photography today! And this time our mouths are ALL watering because the subject at hand is cake. Your gorgeous, yummy wedding cakes. So excited to hear what Jules has to say about this...

Hi pretty bride! If you are anything like me, you look forward to seeing (read: eating) the wedding cake when you attend a wedding. From simple to simply outrageous, from cupcake towers to towering cakes, there really is no end to the amount of creativity you can put into your wedding cake.
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When I photograph the reception details for my couples, I am always excited to see their cake for the first time. Will it have flowers or ribbons? Will there be color or will it be pure white? When there is a cake topper, they are as varied as my couples and always add a touch of personality to an already gorgeous dessert. One in particular that stands out in my mind had a glass bowl full of water and two real goldfish at the top! I have photographed cakes with elaborate lace patterns that exactly match the bride's gown and one that was wrapped in wedding vows hand-written on it in frosting!

Clearly, the cake is a significant element of the wedding.  As well as being a large part of the wedding theme, the cake also has a few traditions associated with it.  You might know that eating cake together as husband and wife signifies how you will provide for each other, but did you also know that the larger the peice of cake you feed each other, the more children you are supposed to have?  Sometimes there isn't an actual cake at all but a sweet treat that is more significant to the couple such as Beard Pappa Cream Puffs or a pile of chocolate-dipped Oreos.  I've seen ice cream cakes, cheese cakes and doughnuts, too!

Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown are synergistic sisters who run a successful boutique photography studio in Oakland, California, and travel worldwide to photograph some of the world’s most gorgeous weddings.  Jules is an international award-winning photographer who started her wedding photography business eleven years ago and was joined by Joy in 2006.  Jules work has been featured in magazines such as People, The Knot, & Destination I Do.  Jules is active in the photography community as a mentor and speaker, but her favorite thing to do is to capture life as she sees it. You can usually find Jules snuggling with her dog, Olive, or photographing Joy’s two little girls. Working together, they have a lot of fun and go through a lot of chocolate.

Photography: Jules Bianchi Photography