Winnipeg Picnic Proposal by This Sweet Love Photography + Glamorous Occasions
June 28, 2012
North America
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OK, this is downright adorable. Like an entirely new level of adorable. You see, this pretty little model is also the talent behind Glamorous Occasions, and she thought she was teaming up with This Sweet Love Photography for a little photo shoot to inspire all of you out there. But REALLY, her sweet man used it all as a ploy to propose. Can you imagine her surprise when he got down on his knee?! Seriously adorable. So not only do you get a inspirational photo shoot out of this post (you can see it all in the gallery), you get the start of one romantic love story too. Swoon.
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From Noella of This Sweet Love Photography... Thoughout my work as a photographer, I have met many people, including wedding planner Tessa Funk and her boyfriend Dave. In January while working a wedding show, Dave approached us and asked us if we could help him with a sneaky plan to capture him proposing to Tessa. To start off the plan, we asked Tessa if she would create us an inspiration shoot for spring. We told her that we wanted it to be in June and to have a picnic theme. Tessa got busy creating the perfect outdoor picnic. We decided to set the photo shoot up in a field outside of the city with lots of green space and rustic barns. In the middle of planning the photo shoot, we asked Tessa if her and her boyfriend would like to model for us. She was super exciting about it and continued to plan this sweet country picnic. She had an antique picnic basket, a patchwork quilt, a freshly baked cherry pie, antique bikes, antique books and loads of flowers in lace wrapped mason jars all lined up. Tessa didn't leave any detail untouched! The photo shoot started like any other "engagement" shoot. We had Tessa and Dave posing with their bikes, and then after a quick outfit change, we had them sit on the blanket and pose for a few minutes. We asked Dave if he would grab one of the pink vintage books off the shelf and pretend to read it to Tessa. When he opened the book ... she gasped! Inside was a heart cut out with a gorgeous engagement ring. After she said yes, they shared their first kiss EVER! Of course we were all so happy for them and had to snap a few REAL engagement pictures after wards by the barns.

From the Bride-to-Be... I am a wedding coordinator for an amazing wedding planning company called Glamorous Occasions, and since becoming enthralled with the wedding industry, I have made tons of friends within it. David and I had modeled for one of my photographer friends (Noella of This Sweet Love Photography) and had already started dreaming of the time when we would be engaged and plan our own wedding.

Five months ago at the Wonderful Wedding Show, David created a plan to propose to me with the help of Debbie, my employer and close friend, and Noella. They came up with the idea to make me plan an inspirational photo shoot with David and I as the models. They told me it would be featured on both company blogs, and that I could be the designer of the shoot. Little did I know that I was planning the setting for our engagement. The day of the photo shoot came, and the forecast was looking grim. I was a ball of anxiety because it was my first time designing a shoot by myself. David seemed equally nervous, which I assumed was about the weather. After hours of praying and hoping that the gray skies would clear, the sun finally broke through on the horizon, and we were back in business. We set up the picnic area and took some initial photos together, then made our way to sit on the cozy blanket and pillows. David began to whisper sweet-somethings in my ear, telling me all of the things a girl wants to hear her love say. It was when he said "I've had this planned for five months" that my heart started to race. As he continued to explain what he had done, my eyes welled with tears. I knew what was about to happen, and I was completely overwhelmed.

He pulled out a pink book with space cut out in the shape of a heart. Inside it lay my ring. He then told me, as he removed it from the book, that he had had the ring for 607 days and that today was the day he would finally give it to me. As he helped me to my feet, the tears began to stream down my face. He got down on one knee, and his next words to me were, "Tessa, will you marry me?" I looked at him, allowing the proposal to drift into the air and down into my heart, finally saying "yes." He slipped the the most perfect ring on my shaking finger and held me for our first few moments as an engaged couple. I'm going to marry my very best friend, the love of my life and the man of my dreams.

Photography: This Sweet Love Photography / Location: A Field in Winnipeg, Manitoba / Event Design: Glamorous Occasions / Floral Design: Fancy Fleurs