Denver Wedding at Wash Park Studios by Fresh in Love Photography
June 21, 2012
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We've all seen plenty of gorgeous DIY weddings around here, but I don't think we've ever seen one that was completely and totally catered by the bride herself! This drop dead gorgeous bride handled each and every detail for her big day, from the pretty vases and DIY frames to yes, even a roasted piggie or two. Fresh In Love Photography captured all the sweet, perfectly coordinated moments of the day and if you think this is pretty, wait til you see the full gallery!
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From the Bride... After seven years together and a staggering two year engagement, Kyle and I had a lot of time to think about and plan what we deemed a perfect wedding. Naturally it started with the easy things: this type of food, that type of music and this many people. However, the real challenge was finding a way to slink around the overwhelming and daunting financial restrictions imposed by traditional wedding venues and ballrooms. With me being a cook and Kyle working in brewing, we were on a very tight budget. However, we knew we could host the ultimate wedding experience if we just found the right venue. Finally, we struck gold with a private photography studio in the heart of Denver. It was the perfect representation of us: a turn of the century commercial space that had been recently modernized for a perfectly intimate yet industrial feel. There, we easily found our inspiration and the theme for our wedding. We wanted to tap into the glamour and grandeur of a timeless wedding affair but keep everything clean, simple and modern. All this aside, our main focus was on throwing the most memorable party and featuring the best food, beer and music. After securing the studio, we found all the grandeur we needed when we landed on our ceremony location at Cheesman Park. No frills and flair needed, just a couple of cypress trees to frame things up within the Grecian-style memoriam. With downtown to the north and the front range to the west, it encapsulated our love for both the great outdoors and urban lifestyle.

Our focus wasn't so much on the decor of our reception, rather how to best display the food. ;) Catering your own wedding definitely has its challenges (I mean, what bride doesn't want a phone call on the morning of her wedding about the status of a roasting pig?!), but it was worth every meticulously-coordinated detail. We had oysters on the half shell, artisanal meat and cheese, and of course, a whole Berkshire pig. It was a culinarian's dream. We tapped every friend we could, filling the room with industry professionals who put on quite a show. With no table assignments and not even enough seating for every one, the reception was lively, with people on the dance floor and cocktails endlessly pouring. We did keep the decor clean and crisp and completely homemade. From $1 consignment frames painted white to a pair of chandeliers each featuring over 200 Christmas ornaments, we spent countless hours dreaming up and crafting for our big event. However, at the end of the day, the only thing that mattered was not the flowers or the DIY details, but that our families and friends came from far and wide to celebrate our love. I remember stopping to look around the room and not noticing one table arrangement or decoration display ... just feeling pure joy that I was lucky enough to be in this room, standing next to the love of my life, surrounded by the people we care about most. From one bride to another, focus on the few details that you think truly matter, don't be afraid to delegate, tap your friends and family to help cut costs, start and end with a well-thought out plan, hire a day of coordinator (!), and enjoy the heck out of the day because it will only happen once.

Wedding Photography: Melissa of Fresh In Love Photography / Ceremony: Cheesman Park Pavilion in Denver, Colorado / Reception: Wash Park Studios in Denver, Colorado / Floral Design: Lori of Hans Hoser Productions / Wedding Day Coordination: Nicole Chomyn / Catering: Kelly + Joel of Pizzeria Basta / Roasting Pig: Erik of Tender Belly + Lisa of Arapahoe Meat Co. / Desserts: Billy Nelson + Kim & Jake's Cakes / Drinks: Jen of Stolichnaya, Left Hand Brewery + Andrew of Ciao Vino / Biscotti Favors: Courtney of Sweet Pea Treats / Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier / Bride's Shoes: Bettye Muller / Bride's Earrings: Rada / Bridesmaids' Dresses: LulaKate / Groom's Suit: Custom by AJ Machete / Groomsmen's Suits: Al's Formal Wear