Augusta Wedding by Kaitie Bryant Photography
June 18, 2012
I don't believe this darling soiree captured by Kaitie Bryant Photography could get more charming if it tried. Actually, I know it couldn't. Of course it's pretty as can be with its library venue and pretty maids and sweet bouquets - but it's full of heart too. And that's what really gets me. Everyone chipped in to make sure it was the prettiest day possible for these two lovebirds, and I do believe they succeeded and then some. See it all here!
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From the Kaitie Bryant Photography...The bride and groom were on a tight budget but the bride (Elisa) was determined to pull off a beautiful day! Friends in the church and workplace offered all sorts of help for their wedding day, including a friend making their wedding cake, another friend giving them wooden benches made from pallets for their ceremony, their church letting them use their downtown location as a reception venue, and engagement portraits taken by another photographer friend.  Elisa really wanted a pretty location for the ceremony and they had been to concerts on the lawn at a local library, so they decided to just ask the librarian if anyone ever used it for a wedding ceremony.  No one had in the past but they were open to renting out the lawn for a wedding... so Elisa and Nathan had the inaugural wedding at the Appleby library.  The ceremony was so beautiful, from the flowers and mason jars and wooden benches to the different dresses each bridesmaid wore.  The groomsmen had suspenders and brown pants, not even the same brand but just the same color.  It was so neat to see how it all came together so beautifully and to watch Elisa in tears thank those around her who made it possible.  And the two of them just adore each other.  I love love!

Photography: Kaitie Bryant Photography / Flowers: DIY by the Bride and Bridesmaids /Ceremony Location: Appleby Library (Augusta, GA) / Reception Location: The Well / Shoes: RSVP / Makeup: Jen Paulos with Pastel Makeup