Boston Wedding Photo Shoot by Forevercandid Photography + Blue Ivy
May 30, 2012
New England

Beglittered orange, anyone? Yes please. Don't mind if Blue Ivy do (no, not Jay and Bey's babe, the event design team, silly). We know mom said not to play with your food, but these Forevercandid Photography shots say it's not just OK, it's down right pretty.  Using bedazzled paint dipped fruits and handwritten sweet-nothings-penned-upon plates, they're proving edibles have equal rights as their Twig floral counterparts in the wedding centerpiece world. Really, how could the banana gram ever not belong in your wedding album? You'll be wondering the same thing after you see the rest of the full shoot!

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The idea behind the shoot was to help engaged couples remember that flowers aren't the only thing worth honoring on their tabletops. We felt that honoring the food we eat had earned the right to act as display pieces, showing off the beauty in the food that takes care of us and dazzling with a touch of sparkle that would certainly enhance the energy at a table. We then felt that loving WORDS were a romantic element that would truly define the purpose of the wedding, so much that we really wanted to implement these selected phrases in as many places as possible.  The dishes became the original starting point — we purchased dishes and used a porcelain pen to then write custom phrases on each dish so that every guest would have a different loving element to the table. From story-telling to casual endearing phrases we felt that this idea was going to bring that added new touch to a tabletop. It grew from there that the words on fruit would be brilliant, thanks to Chelsea, one of our project team members at Blue Ivy! Words were then combined to be "tattooed" on the wrists on the bride and groom, along with putting words where they generally aren't, so the final thought was to make the dessert spoon the actual "place card."

Taking it one step further, the main staple to this project was the concept of dipping everything in paint! We were all about "dipping," so from the jars, the flatware, barware to the salt and pepper, the dipping in paint was officially a MUST for everything. So we used our summer colors and alternated them between the different table pieces making everything have its own POP. The final piece was certainly the glitter, causing endless shimmer from all angles. Of course, the trick was to have the glitter where it generally wouldn't be found, so the fruit and tableware were the lucky pieces to be shimmered on with designs of half glitter and half dipped paint, or glitter stripes, glitter dipping, glitter edging, capping, rimming and enhancing. It then occurred to use the food in the same colors as our theme so that it would naturally simply enhance the colors we were wanting to display.

For furniture, our setting was on a dock surrounded by water in this beautiful area of Boston called "The Esplanade," where we felt it was a must to make our table a raw wood color that went well with the natural environment sticking out amongst the boat-filled backdrop. The fun difference that we added to this plan was a to take the bench of the table and dressing it up. We took branches from a bush nearby, covered them with a lavender netting that matched our colors, "ballet laced" the bench to make the cover stable and equally flat, and voila, we had a padded cushion. Instead of going crazy on a ceremony backdrop, we were fortunate enough to access boats nearby and used one for the bride and groom to have as the location of their vows, aiming to share with couples that natural locations with props already available would suit beautifully for a ceremony. The most important part to note was that, in person, the glitter sparkling in the sun was absolutely captivating and GORGEOUS! Blue Ivy will definitely be using this idea much more often in the coming seasons.

Photography: Forevercandid Photography / Location: Community Boating Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts / Event Design + Planning: Blue Ivy / Floral Design: Twig / Cupcakes: Isabelle's Curly Cakes / Rentals: New England Country Rentals / Wedding Dress: Liancarlo via L'elite Boston / Hair + Makeup: Bree Rosemark of Blushing Brides / Groom's Suit: Russo's Tux Shop