Vancouver Engagement Session by Christine Williams Photography
May 28, 2012
North America

This adorable couple thinks that they don't photograph well together but I'm here to put that accusation to rest because this engagement session is just the cutest and I don't think they could possibly look any more sweet together.  I love every tender, joyful moment that Christine Williams Photography captured!  It has me yearning for warm summer nights sharing cotton candy, holding hands on the merry go round and stealing kisses at the top of the ferris wheel.  See it all in the full gallery!

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From Christine Williams Photography... These two are HILARIOUS. When Cynthia, Gary and I met to discuss their wedding details, they told me that they had a challenge for me. They said that they photograph fine separately, but were always super AWKWARD photographed together! They claimed that they could not take a good photo together for the life of them, so I accepted their challenge and told them to practice in the meantime!

PART I: Playland
Cynthia works at Playland, so when she told me that she wanted to do their engagement session there I was SO EXCITED! I met up with them and LOVEEEEDDD Gary’s hip taste and Cynthia’s quirky style. We had so much fun … well, Cynthia and I more so because poor Gary had a late night drinking and was not feeling his best. But did they ever ROCK it! I LOVE these photos — they look AMAZING. Cynthia’s laugh is SO contagious, I was cracking up with her the whole time! Gary was a champ for going on all the rides and keeping his spirits up despite his hangover!

Part II: Kitchener Elementary
Cynthia and Gary have known each other since elementary school. Even though they didn’t hang out and Cynthia teased Gary when they were kids, the universe was pulling them together. They brought their class photo from grade 2, and they are sitting next to each other! We took a stroll around their old school with their doggy Barney (best poser ever) and tried to recreate a 2012 version of Division 10 1991-92.

Photography: Christine Williams Photography / Locations: Playland at the Pacific National Exhibition + Kitchener Elementary, Both in Vancouver, British Columbia