Getting to Know Kitanim + Summer Floral Tips
May 24, 2012
It's no secret that we are all about the pretty, pretty inspiration here on SMP Florida - and we love bringing it straight to your computer screens every day of the week.  So, when we decided to devote our Thursday to the love of all things floral and a fabulous Q&A session with the guru of bloomy goodness, Meredith at Kitanim – A Floral Design & Event Company, we knew you lovelies would be over the moon.  Because, really, what's better than spending your morning, noon and night soaking in all of the glorious (+ elegant + stunning + amazing) masterpieces that Kitanim has been busily creating, plus an oh-so-helpful list of FIVE summer floral tips, straight from the expert herself?  Yep, prepare yourselves for a whole lot of lovely, SMPers.  It's going to be fabulous.
What do you do, how long have you been doing it and what makes you awesome?

Kitanim, a floral design and event company, is a full service floral design and event company specializing in unique floral designs and event décor with an impeccable attention to customer service. We love our customers and our goal is to keep celebrating and planning life cycle events with them. As Owner and Creative Director of Kitanim, I have been happily cultivating and growing Kitanim for the past five years with the help and inspiration of my husband and a fabulous team of design staff members. (We started with one Ocean Drive sponsored event in Miami’s Design District and, thankfully, we have been in this stylish business ever since.)

I have, however, been in the floral industry for twelve years, getting started over one exciting summer in New York City with a fabulous designer named Michael George whose retail floral shop was located in the very chic beauty level of Bergdoff Goodman. After returning to and subsequently graduating from The University of Michigan, I moved back to New York City and continued my floral career path at another high-end and extremely inspiring floral design studio named the Daily Blossom. I was lucky, persistent, and in the right place at the right time to have been so fortunate to get such a fabulous initial opportunities.

Realizing my love for flowers, my creative flair, and my ability to help others transform their ideas into extraordinary special event experiences, the truth is that I really love what I do. I think it is this love, this genuine enthusiasm and excitement each day that motivates me and Kitanim as a whole to strive to exceed our customers’ expectations again and again. We take the time to listen to our clients’ needs and our undivided attention sets us apart and allows us the opportunity to really deliver a fabulous product.
What sets FL weddings apart from weddings anywhere else?

Florida weddings are a special breed because of the vast range of opportunity a couple has when choosing a venue or venues for their wedding experience.  There are so many distinct beautiful weddings locations that a Florida bride and groom can make their wedding into a weekend adventure, taking advantage of an urban rehearsal dinner setting, an ocean front beach ceremony, a palm tree lined cocktail hour, and a ballroom reception should they decide they want that full varied weekend experience. Additionally, Florida weddings (close to my heart as I got married here) are afforded sunny weather in seasons that most of our country defines as winter. In Florida, more than anywhere, I truly believe that anything goes. Brides and grooms can be as formal or as casual as they like and they will blend right into our welcoming community.
What kind of weddings do you love most and what is your favorite trend right now?

I love all weddings. Each and every one is different and with its own personality. What I love most about a wedding is the moment when a bride and groom see their ceremony site and/or their reception set up for the first time. The smiles of excitement and gasps of, “It’s even more beautiful than I expected!” let me know that I have done my job well. In terms of trends, my favorite at the moment is the “unique but complimentary” bouquet trend whereby each bride and her bridesmaids receive a bouquet that coordinates with the rest of the bridal party, but is unique in its composition. I think the overall combination of several distinct yet coordinating bouquets creates a sense of texture and interest that is truly beautiful. This trend allows my design team to be creative and artistic --- and really delve into the artistry of bouquet making.
What is your biggest piece of advice for people planning a wedding?

I have had the great opportunity to work with a lot of brides and grooms, and their families. My biggest piece of advice to a bride and groom is to create a wedding that reflects their relationship, their beliefs, and their priorities. If pink is your favorite color, then by all means, pink should be incorporated into your wedding palette (no matter the season). If you have ten nieces and nephews and you want them to be part of your wedding, then by all means, let us create flower halos and ring bearing pillows for them to enjoy. If you love candles and their romantic sense of light, let’s line the aisle pathway that you walk down with an array of gorgeous floating candles that reflect your personality. In summary, I always tell couples, “This is your day. Anything and everything you want is a possibility.”

And now that you've gotten to know (and LOVE!) Kitanim – A Floral Design & Event Company a little bit better, it's time for a FIVE summer floral tips from Kitanim's fabulous Owner and Creative Director, Meredith. Awesome.

Top 5 Summer Floral Tips From Kitanim

1. TEXTURE. TEXTURE. TEXTURE. There are so many fabulous blooms in season during summertime that we urge you to try out some extraordinary textured combinations.  Sometimes, a wild texture combination will take less flowers and create quite a bold statement.
2. HYDRATE. Summertime is a fabulous time for florals, but also an opportunity for the sun and heat to zap the vibrancy out of your gorgeous blooms. That being said, we recommend keeping your flowers out of direct sunlight. Place flowers in a cool spot in your home and remember to change the water in your vases daily in order to avoid bacteria growth. As for your wedding blooms, we will keep them safe in our state of the art cooler.
3. SUMMER DEALS. Because a Florida summer is so intense in terms of the heat, Kitanim recommends that all of those savvy shopping brides and grooms look into the great summer deals Florida has to offer in terms of per guest discounts. Flower prices are generally consistent over the summer, but the fact that you can spend less money on your venue will afford you the opportunity to add to your floral budget (or take a longer honeymoon). We recommend both!!!
4. PLAN AHEAD. If you choose to get married in Florida over the summer at a gorgeous outdoor venue, Kitanim always recommends planning ahead and allowing us to book a tent in the event that it rains during ceremony and/or reception time. The money well spent on this “rain plan” is well worth your peace of mind.
5. TIME CHECK. Florida’s heat and all of the fabulous recreational activities that are available for guests has the tendency to keep wedding guests busy and perhaps running a bit late. If you are time conscious and you would like your wedding to reflect your punctuality, tell your guests to arrive earlier than the ceremony will actually begin (usually 30 minutes earlier than the actual ceremony time is perfect). It will give them a chance to take in the Florida sights and still get a great seat at your wedding.
Well, SMPers.  There you have it.  A big ol' dose of pretty for your Thursday.  Join us in sending a great big virtual hug to Meredith at Kitanim – A Floral Design & Event Company for gracing us with her lovely today.  It's been a serious honor.  Thank you, Meredith! xoxo

Floral Design: Kitanim – A Floral Design & Event Company / Photography: Kitanim – A Floral Design & Event Company + Sheri Mazariegos Photography + Captured Photography by Jenny + Manolo Doreste of In Focus Studios