Mallorca Wedding at Cap Rocat by Chyna Darner Photography
May 22, 2012

If there is one thing we love in SMP land, it's glided glitter. When that lovely piece of glittery gold goodness is in gown form, we are forced to surrender. Surrender to a wedding that makes our glitter loving hearts pitter patter and flutter all at the same time. And when this gorgeous occasion just happens to be in Spain, we are done. Speechless. All we can say is, the full gallery by Chyna Darner Photography is a must see today.

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From Chyna Darner Photography... The year was 2008, and the location was The Coyote Ugly Saloon in New York, not a usual hang out for either Greta or Waldo. Greta was living in New York and had friends visiting the Big Apple for the first time, so naturally, she was showing them around town. Waldo was in New York on business with coworkers who wanted to see the famous Coyote Ugly Saloon from the 2000 movie Coyote Ugly. When Waldo walked thru the swinging saloon style doors he locked eyes with Greta, and any doubts that love at first sight existed were left outside. Waldo’s male coworkers unsuccessfully petitioned Greta to dance with them. Then Waldo walked up to Greta, took her hand and led her to the dance floor. She was waiting for him. From that point on, they were almost inseparable. He had to return to London shortly thereafter, but Greta visited him within a week. After a few months of constant flights back and forth, Greta moved back to London. She had been living there the year before while attending fashion design school, but she had transferred to New York to be closer to her friends and family. 

Once Greta was back in London, Waldo was able to introduce her to his family, who mostly live in Sweden. By the time the wedding arrived, Greta had mastered Swedish well enough to give part of her wedding speech in Swedish. 

Once engaged, they decided they needed a neutral ground in Europe to have their wedding. Since Waldo is half Spanish, and the Balleric Islands are so gorgeous it was an easy choice. A destination such as Mallorca would definitely lure her friends and family from the States to attend. The events started Thursday as close friends and family arrived for the rehearsal and family dinner at Cap Rocat. On Friday night there was a pre-wedding meet and greet at Puro Beach, allowing friends and family from different continents to meet one another. The ceremony and reception on Saturday took place at Cap Rocat Hotel (a former military fortress). As a jewelry designer, Greta has a flair for design and created many custom details for the event. This included both of their rings, her earrings and several jewelry pieces worn by guests. The reception events and dancing went on well into Sunday morning.

Wedding Photography: Chyna Darner + Jennifer Low of Chyna Darner Photography / Wedding Venue: Cap Rocat in Mallorca, Spain / Event Coordination: Anfitrian / Event Styling: Greta Nelson-Alvarez (The Bride) / Floral Design + Plants: Floristeria Merce Francia / Wedding Cake + Sweets: Cupcake Sisters / Wedding Invitations + Menus: Monika Day of Paperplain / Singer: David Gee / Saxophone: Anthony Rivers / DJ: Felipe Schiefer (34 601231512) / Wedding Dress: Alison Rodger / Hair + Makeup: Mariella Morreale / Rings: Greta Nelson-Alvarez of Garbo Jewelry (The Bride — / Friday Night Cocktail Venue: Puro Beach