Watersound Beach Club Wedding by Pure 7 Studios
May 4, 2012
ModernBeach Weddings
There's really nothing prettier than a beach wedding in Florida especially when it's filled with gorgeous white flowers and fresh greenery and succulents. Each and every detail is so simple, pretty, and refreshing. I love how they kept their day intimate and had just a small gathering of family, ensuring a private and meaningful ceremony. Pure 7 Studios captured all the details in such a lovely way, that I don't blame you if you spend half your day here in the gallery.

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From the Bride... The inspiration of our wedding day goes back to how we first met. In late 2009, Matt decided he was going to move to Cambodia to pursue a job in a children's hospital with a friend that he knew from Louisville (who was running the hospital). He put his house up for rent in November of 2009. Little did he know, that I lived right down the street about eight or nine houses. I was going through a divorce at the time and was looking for a place to rent for awhile. As I was leaving the neighborhood one day, I saw a "for rent" sign. I finally decided to call the number because I thought it was a neighbor I knew. Well, it wasn't my neighbor, it was Matt. I think we both liked each other's voice immediately. I decided in the end not to rent Matt's place. A funny twist to the story was that after I called him, he called a mutual friend in the neighborhood to ask about me. While he was talking, I also called that same person to ask about him. Our first date was on November 20, 2009. We met at Starbucks and then went to Krispy Kreme to hang out for awhile. That was the start to our journey.

Matt actually knew, a month into our meeting one another, that he was going to marry me. Of course, at the time, I did not because life was so crazy and a lot was changing for me. He actually emailed his Cambodian friend in January 2010 to tell him he was not going to be joining him because he had met his future wife. I thought he was crazy for it at the time. He gave me the email that he sent to his Cambodian friend, and I was included at the end of the email. Without going into all of the details, as you can imagine, life was crazy for a while as I adjusted to a new life that I never planned for. Matt and I made it through the good times and bad and supported one another as best we knew how along the way. Over time we fell in love, and began to see how God brought our lives together and that there was a real future forming.

Matt took me to Florida on Memorial Day weekend in 2011 and rented a boat on the Destin Harbor. At sunset, we went for a ride, and he proposed to me. It was such a beautiful night and a very special day. On that trip, we actually met Jen and Jen and began the plans for our wedding. Matt had actually come across "It's a Shore Thing" on the Internet and had spoken to Jen and Jen ahead of our trip. We loved the idea of a fall, beach wedding and thought 11/11/11 would be a great day to get married. We spent most of the summer getting things together. Our wedding was just our families, very small and intimate. Everything was absolutely perfect. Jen and Jen did such a fabulous job, the pictures were wonderful and Celestine's did a beautiful job with the decorations. Shay at Watersound was so helpful and worked with Jen and Jen to make our day perfect. Dr. Taylor, our minister, really made the ceremony special, and Matt and I both felt like we connected to him. The sun was shining on our wedding day, and everything was perfect thanks to everyone's help. Matt, I and all who attended were so happy that day and impressed with how beautiful it turned out.

Wedding Photography: Pure 7 Studios / Wedding Venue: Watersound Beach Club in Watersound, Florida / Event Design + Planning: It's a Shore Thing / Floral Design: Celestine's Special Occasions / Wedding Cake: Yascha Becker / Wedding Dress: Mori Lee