Guest Post: Fabulous Footwear from Jules Bianchi Photographers
May 2, 2012
We're back with Jules Bianchi's favorite details shots, and this month we're focusing on the fabulous footwear you carefully choose to adorn your feet. As big fans of anything Choo, Louboutin, or Blahnik, we couldn't wait to hear from Jules again!

Hi pretty bride! What girl can resist an amazing pair of shoes? While some girls rock the Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks, others choose a darling vintage option. Because wedding gowns are typically white, I have found that brides will use their shoes as an opportunity to add a fun personal touch to their ensemble. Whether they are brightly colored or extra sparkly, they allow my brides’ personalities to shine through. As the documentarian of the day, I always look for contrasting colors or textures to photograph the shoes against to really show them off...

Click here to admire more pumps, platforms, and chic penny loafers!

Lately, I’ve discovered that even the groom and his men get into the game with different shoes or socks. I love a man with some colorful style!

The shoes also offer a sneaky spot to include something significant. I remember one wedding where the bride’s “something blue” was a signature from each of her bridesmaids in bright blue ink on the bottom of her shoes. I’ve seen the couples’ initials adhered in sparkly sequins and shiny pennies attached for good luck. What secret would you add to your shoes to make your ensemble that much more special? Here’s to your fabulous wedding day!

Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown are synergistic sisters who run a successful boutique photography studio in Oakland, California, and travel worldwide to photograph some of the world’s most gorgeous weddings.  Jules is an international award-winning photographer who started her wedding photography business eleven years ago and was joined by Joy in 2006.  Jules work has been featured in magazines such as People, The Knot, & Destination I Do.  Jules is active in the photography community as a mentor and speaker, but her favorite thing to do is to capture life as she sees it. You can usually find Jules snuggling with her dog, Olive, or photographing Joy’s two little girls. Working together, they have a lot of fun and go through a lot of chocolate.  

Photography: Jules Bianchi Photographers