Backyard Mesa Wedding by Elyse Hall Photography + Eventology Events
May 2, 2012
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If this wedding had a subtitle, it would surely be...A table full of pies and hearts full of love. Or possibly...How to make a backyard brimming with pumpkins look insanely adorable. Either of those would work swimmingly with this wedding designed by Eventology Events and with many a pretty picture by Elyse Hall Photography. It's an affair that will make you wish that pumpkins were a year long wedding accessory. See it all right here my friends.

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From Meg of Eventology Events... When my best friend and business partner of Eventology Events announced that she was engaged, our wheels began spinning immediately. Having been event planners for some time now, we knew this had to be a unique and fabulous affair that would be remembered by all who attended. If I were to describe Erin, anything but traditional would come to mind. She is fun, quirky, bohemian and yet classically beautiful. And as we flipped through wedding magazines, she snubbed her nose at the stuffy, formal feel they all seemed to display. So we knew this girl would need to have a wedding that was warm, family-centered, festive and ferociously fun. Of course, there needed to be a bit of Richard in there as well. :)

Then she had an idea. When is the time one feels most relaxed, loved, full of festiveness and warmth? Thanksgiving, of course! The idea of a Thanksgiving dinner with around 100 close friends and family sparked an entire concept of how the day would play out. Family friends graciously offered their beautiful backyard as a venue. Set-up was a family affair, and everyone pitched in to make the space perfect. Pumpkins of every color, size and shape lined the aisle, as well as filled in corners of the large backyard. Instead of the expected autumn colors, she chose to use a palette consisting of charcoal gray, navy, ivory and gold. The front of the aisle was decorated with a collage of paper medallions, hung carefully by her brothers in all of the colors of the day, and it served as the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. Erin walked down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride," not by music or a band, but by kazoos of course, which were handed to each guest as they took their seats. The complete chaos of the first "practice" was brilliant. But by the time we were all in sync, the atmosphere felt so relaxed and comfortable that she was able to walk down the aisle, arm in arm with both of her brothers, beaming with pride that her genius plan had worked. Richard's brother married the two in a top hat, and the whole thing felt more like we were getting to be witness to a private moment than just being guests at a typical wedding.

After a cocktail hour with hors d'houvres crafted brilliantly by a family friend, we all sat down family style to a festive Thanksgiving feast. "Place cards," which were all old postcards, were gathered by Erin and me one afternoon at our local antique store. The tables were lined with miniature pumpkins, candles for ambiance and stunning floral arrangements by Aspen Renee Flower Boutique. Dancing and games — here is where Richard gets to shine — followed the turkey tasting. A friend spun records to keep the vibe fun and relaxed. Erin and Richard crafted their own corn-hole game and the men set up a ping-pong table to keep everyone busy. Erin's brother fashioned a photo booth for guests to pose as cowboys and Indians. And once the coma from the stuffing and mashed potatoes had ended, the pie-judging contest commenced. Included in the invitation, Erin and Richard challenged their guests to bake a pie worthy of the bride and groom. These pies replaced the traditional wedding cake concept and it made for quite an amazing display, not to mention many more stuffed people:). The bride and groom then judged the pies to finish the evening. Erin's attention to detail was impeccable, and I am so proud of what she created. Erin and Richard are an amazing couple who share each other's love of food, music and family. They worked together seamlessly to honor what the other wanted. Needless to say this not-so-emotional girl got pretty choked up at the sight of her best friend beginning this new journey in her life. Erin and Richard, I love you, I admire you, and your wedding day is one I will never forget.

Wedding Photography: Elyse Hall Photography / Wedding Venue: The Home of Family Friends in Mesa, Arizona / Event Planning + Details: Eventology Events / Floral Design: Aspen Renee Flower Boutique / Catering: Heidi’s Events & Catering / Rentals: JMS Tents / Wedding Dress + Groom's Attire: J.Crew / Shoes: TOMS / Rings: Barnes Fine Jewelers