Wedding Gowns by Nearly Newlywed + A Giveaway!
May 1, 2012
You're getting married - and you can't wait to try on that designer gown of your dreams.  The only problem?  Well... it may be a little bit more than you budgeted for.  Wouldn't it be nice if there was an online boutique that featured "nearly new" gowns that you could purchase at a fraction of the cost, wear on your big day and then (drumroll, please)... sell back?!? Well, lovelies - there is. Meet Nearly Newlywed, the brand new and oh-so-fabulous website that will completely change the way you shop for your wedding gown.  Guaranteed.

Nearly Newlywed was founded by Jacqueline Sheller Courtney, a former SMP bride (!) and fashion publicist who envisioned bridal shopping as a "Red Carpet" experience.  Why shouldn't brides be able to choose from a dazzling lineup of couture gowns and then have the option to keep them OR sell them back, if they wish?

Well, with the Nearly Newlywed Guarantee, you can do just that.  Plus, with Nearly Newlywed's never-ending (and oh-so-gorgeous) lineup of dazzling designer gowns, there's most definitely a look and style that's right for you.  Just think - now you can seriously shine in that Oscar de la Renta you've been dreaming of or wrap up in layers upon layers of Vera Wang goodness... and all at a fraction of the cost.  And don't forget that you have complete access to Jacqueline's fashion expertise through Twitter and Facebook - and you can even take advantage of the Personal Shopping option via Pinterest!  That's right... just build your very own inspiration board and Jacqueline will choose gowns that are perfect for you.  Amazing, no?!?  We. Are. In. Love.

Well, SMPers.  You know what to do.  Head on over to Nearly Newlywed TODAY to check out each and every glorious gown and start "liking" and "sharing" your favorites.  And if you are worried about ordering a dress online - don't be.  Nearly Newlywed offers a risk-free 5 day return policy... and starting today, all returns are ABSOLUTELY FREE (for a limited time only).  We mentioned we were in love, right?!?

Oh, and just one more thing.  Nearly Newlywed is giving one lucky SMP reader a $475 gift card/credit towards a dress! Just head on over to Nearly Newlywed, pick your favorite dress and post it below in the comments!  The winner, chosen completely at random by a number generator, will be announced right here on SMP on Friday, May 4th!  For terms and conditions, click here.  Good luck, lovelies and happy dress shopping! xoxo