Romantic Cincinnati Wedding from Kourtnee Kate Photography
April 30, 2012
Garden Weddings
We all know that our wedding day is going to be up there amongst the top five days of our entire lives. Probably number one. When a bride is so radiantly beautiful because of her gorgeous smile, we can see that she is fully enjoying what is the most amazing, special, romantic, and monumental day in her entire life. And that, my friends, is why I love my job. Spending my days visiting the BEST days of our sweet couples' lives. Kourtnee Kate Photography captured this smiling beauty and her fabulous day. And we are ever grateful that she has filled a gallery full of images to make your afternoon a bit toothier.
When we saw that Studio Z Films had a Same Day Edit to share from this stunning soiree, we just had to pass it along to you...

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The most important thing I wanted in my wedding day was an amazing venue. Greenacres Arts Center was just that. Greenacres provided a back drop that took everyone's breath away as they entered the old historic estate. The guest drove in on a mile drive that was lined on both sides with trees. Guests were then escorted into the gardens where the romance began.When you enter the gardens the old trees provide romance that makes you feel lost in your love.

The ceremony took place in the gardens. While the water from the fountains was trickling in the background and the violins were playing the moment of "I Do" was enchanting. There was a peace and ease about that day. After the ceremony the guests were directed towards cocktail hour were fun, flavorful and different h'orderves were served. I wanted to serve things that people had never tried before. One of my favorite parts of cocktail hour was our live acoustic guitar player. His sound and songs were so unique allowing the cocktail hour to break up the event.

Throughout the whole event I wanted to tell a story. I wanted people to take a journey through our love. It is so pure, patient, and gentle. From the emotional and romance setting to livening up the mood with cocktail hour. When it was time for the guest to head to the reception area, the curtains were opened and each guest was provided a table mirror as their escort card. The guests were then shown the way down a large stair case to the beautifully decorated reception site.

When the reception started, it was time to party! We all had a great time dancing the night away enjoying our close friends and family. The wedding was all about details! As you can see in the pictures, the whole event was done in exquisite detail. Our wedding had a lot of personal touches that made it so special and romantic. 

Photography: Kortnee Kate Photography / Ceremony: Greenacres Arts Center / Event Planner: Cecilia Rose, Eventurous / Catering: Funky's Catering / Videographer: Studio Z Films / Florist: Ford-Ellington Wedding Design