The Five-Year Engagement
April 12, 2012
Have you heard that Tom & Violet are FINALLY tying the knot?!?  Yep, after five long years, a move to Michigan and a whole lot of marriage advice (from well-meaning relatives, mind you), these two lovebirds are ready to make it official - and we haven't been this excited since Will & Kate said "I do." (Aka, seriously excited.)  And as if their impending nuptials weren't enough to cause a happy dance or two, they've even started their very own wedding blog, so we can follow along on all of the planning fun.

We're already marking our calendars for a girl's night out to take in all of the festivities.  And you should DEFINITELY join us on April 27th, because, well... anything from the Producers of Bridesmaids is guaranteed to be a ton.of.fun.

So, head on over to The Five-Year Engagement website to learn all there is to know about the happy couple and then start making those plans to attend Tom & Violet's big day.  Trust us, this is one epic journey you just don't want to miss.  Looking forward to celebrating with you on April 27th!