Butterfly Inspired Engagement Session from Kristin Vining Photography
April 10, 2012
Every once in a while you just need a pretty, love-filled engagement shoot to warm your heart, and if today is one of those days LBBers, we have just what the doctor ordered. Two beautiful and absolutely-in-love people, a sunset, butterflies, and Kristin Vining Photography behind the lens. Exactly the kind of thing that can transform just a normal Tuesday in April into a fabulous, warm, prettiest of pretty days. The metamorphosis is all happening in the gallery!

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Butterflies have a special meaning to this couple. The bride has lost a few very important people in her life and is reminded at times when she most needs reminding that they are still with her. Those reminders? Butterflies. Hop over to Kristin Vining's blog to read more about this couple. I dare you not to tear up. It's near impossible.

Photography: Kristin Vining Photography / Styling, Hair + Makeup: Lindsey Reagan Thorne