Vinewood Surprise Wedding by Paperlily Photography
April 4, 2012
When Paperlily Photography sent this vintage shoot our way, we were immediately pulled in by the story behind the pretty images. Not only is it showcasing gorgeous outdoor inspiration with styling by The Funky Shack and bright punches of florals by Southern Stems but it also happens to be a surprise wedding for the Bride and Groom. A win win. How could we not love that? I definitely teared up when reading the description from the Bride. It's so stinkin sweet and worthy of a read over your morning coffee followed by an immediate perusal of the full gallery. See it all here.
And a few snapshots from their engagement session pre-wedding. It's a pretty dress, a gorgeous field and love for days...

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From Christy of Paperlily Photography... Scott and Katie were great friends of ours who desperately wanted to get married. They had set multiple dates, but due to financial constraints, they were never able to keep them. We were in the process of planning our fall-inspired, stylized, wedding shoot. At some point a light bulb went off for us. Not only would Scott and Katie make great models for our stylized shoot, but the wedding they had tried for so long to plan was now within reach...

From the Bride... I woke up on November 22, 2011, just like I always do. I got ready and got in the car with my handsome fiancé, Scott, as we headed off to a place called Vinewood. We had been asked to do a photo shoot that day at this beautiful place — of course we couldn’t turn it down. Earlier that month, with budgets being tight, we decided that this November we would get married, no matter what. The courthouse was our venue of choice. Of course it’s not the wedding every girl dreams of, but my fiance was the man I had always dreamed of. With him by my side nothing else would matter. As long as I could say I do for forever to him, that’s all that I needed to make a perfect wedding day.

When we arrived at Vinewood, I felt as though we were in a different world. It was timeless, classic and so full of charm. We went met an amazing team of “wedding dream makers,” at least that’s what I call them. They had already made the place look fantastic. I went in the house and began to have my hair and makeup done. The whole time I kept thinking, "Oh, how I wish this was real." I spent all day literally just being in love with my fiancé. The photographers set up a "first look" for us and I got to walk out and surprise Scott in an amazing Valentino wedding gown. He was speechless and so was I. We would be close, smile, kiss and look at each other. Then we would move across the beautiful venue to another location to do the same. It was magical. Scott kept asking if I thought there was any way we could get my dad, who is an ordained pastor, to marry us while we were dressed for the part. I said probably not, and that we could always remember this as our wedding day no matter what. At that point, the plan was to rush to the court when the shoot was over.

After another change of clothes and hair, we went out for out very last scene to shoot. It was the ceremony scene. Everyone seemed to be so nervous, running about, and getting ready. Someone even make a comment about how I was so calm. I pushed the comment aside and just thought, they must be very excited about this shoot since they put so much hard work into everything. I am standing at the doorway when they give me the go ahead to walk out and “down the aisle”. I started walking and then I heard it. The song I had planned to walk down the aisle to was playing — my heart began to race. I thought, "What a sweet touch to add." It was then that I could see the smiling faces of my family friends staring at me. They had been let in while I was having my makeup retouched. I was surprised and confused, but I kept my eyes turned to Scott. He was more handsome than ever, smiling away. Any sort of nervousness I had just disappeared. As I approached my beloved the “stand in” pastor for the photo-shoot began to move. There was rustling behind me as if someone was getting up. It was my dad, and he now stood in front of Scott and me. We were really getting married! Tears streamed down Scott’s face, and I couldn’t decide if I was going to faint or get sick from the nerves and excitement. I was standing at the wedding of my dreams, marrying the man of my dreams, and until that very moment I could not have believed it possible. Even writing this today I still think this is the kind of story you see happen in the movies. Its hard for me to believe its real even now. A big thank you to the dream makers who made our dreams come true.

Wedding Photography: Paperlily Photography / Wedding Venue: Vinewood Weddings and Events of Newnan, Georgia / Floral Design: Leslie Wacker of Southern Stems / Wedding Planning: Corrie Kirk of Signature Weddings & Events / Main Table Design: The Funky Shack / Wedding Cake, Cake Table Design + Food on Cake Table & Sweet Love Table: Blooming Flour Bakery / Wedding Dress: Valentino via Abriel Rose of Fabulous Frocks of Atlanta / Wedding Dress Alterations: Candice Roetman Alterations (678-467-6248) / Accessories: Abriel Rose of Fabulous Frocks of Atlanta / Reception Dress: Anthropologie / Hair + Makeup: Claudia Mejerie