Guest Feature: The Rings from Jules Bianchi Photographers
April 4, 2012
United States
We love, love, love the details that make your day YOUR day here at SMP. So when photographer Jules Bianchi offered to let us in on the secrets of which details she always captures, and how she does so, we had to share...

Hi pretty bride!  I'm Jules Bianchi, and I document weddings for a living. I heart Style Me Pretty and the endless supply of  bridal fashion and wedding ideas that exist here. I live in California and work with my sister and business partner, Joy.  My background is in film, and I love telling a good story.  This is how I see each wedding – your own special story.  It’s the unique details you’ve gone through such effort to find that make your wedding extraordinary.  No detail is more important or significant to a wedding than the rings you have chosen to wear to represent your bond...

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My parents married young, and they scraped up the money to get a modest, but beautiful, diamond ring for my mother.  Unfortunately, soon after the wedding, she lost the ring and never found it again.  She has no photograph of that ring - only the memory of it these many years later.  For this reason, I always use my macro lens to photograph the rings.  I endeavor to find a cool or creative way to use your wedding details to showcase them.  I love how this allows your personality to shine through.  Getting this shot is absolutely one of my favorite challenges of the day.

So let me give you a tip.  Before your wedding day, make sure you plan out your schedule to make the best use of your photographer's time. Rather than waiting until after the ceremony to have portraits taken, spend a few hours doing them before your guests have arrived. Not only will your hair and make up still be perfect, but this may be the only time during the day that you’ll be alone with your husband-to-be.  If you allow your photographer this time to create portraits of you, your family and friends, she will then have time during your cocktail hour to concentrate on your reception room and photograph all of its many details. Once the ceremony is over, you can greet yours guests rather than rushing through your photographs.  Plus, its during this time that I am looking for the perfect way to photograph your shiny new wedding rings.

Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown are synergistic sisters who run a successful boutique photography studio in Oakland, California, and travel worldwide to photograph some of the world's most gorgeous weddings.  Jules is an international award-winning photographer who started her wedding photography business eleven years ago and was joined by Joy in 2006.  Jules work has been featured in magazines such as People, The Knot, & Destination I Do.  Jules is active in the photography community as a mentor and speaker, but her favorite thing to do is to capture life as she sees it. You can usually find Jules snuggling with her dog, Olive, or photographing Joy's two little girls. Working together, they have a lot of fun and go through a lot of chocolate.  

Photography: Jules Bianchi Photographers