Palm Springs Wedding by Apertura
April 3, 2012

Not only does this Palm Springs wedding bring glamour, chic style and dramatic flair to the table but some of the most heart string-pulling, joyful, sweetest moments ever.  You can't really go wrong with a venue like Parker Palm Springs and Ray Soemarsono of Apertura behind the lens but magic happens when you add one smoking bride in the most gorgeous black net veil, a sexy, modern color palette of reds and fuchsias, and killer modern details!  See them all in the full gallery!

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From the Bride & Groom... Ben produces hip hop-electronic music under the name Deru. Lara was a fan of Ben's music. She went to her first live Deru show in San Francisco in September 2007. After the show, Lara had a two-hour conversation with Ben about life, music and DJ-ing (Lara was also a DJ at the time). She had a boyfriend at the time, and Ben lived in Los Angeles, so nothing evolved out of their meeting. Almost a year later, after Lara had moved to Los Angeles for school, Ben was scheduled to perform at UCLA inside a Richard Serra sculpture. Lara showed up to his show, and Ben realized he knew her from somewhere. And the rest is history... We dated for a year and a half before we got engaged. We got married a couple months before our three-year dating anniversary. Our wedding was packed with emotion. It was a bittersweet time for the both of us and for many of our guests. Lara's aunt Elinor, who raised her through adulthood, passed away in February from cancer, and Ben's father, Peter, had terminal cancer at the time and was too frail to come to the wedding. A photograph of Elinor was placed in the seat she would have sat in, and Lara attached a framed photograph of Elinor to the bow of her dress sash so that Elinor could be with her all all times. Peter watched the ceremony on his computer via iChat from his home in Los Angeles. We released 80 monarch butterflies, which are thought to symbolize the soul, at the end of the ceremony as a tribute to them.

The color scheme for our florals and the bridesmaids dresses were based on a Giorgio Armani ad from the fall of 2010. Our event designer, Gilly Flowers, came up with the idea to have a stainless steel frame behind us at the ceremony site with glass bulbs holding multi-colored flowers and hanging from the frame. He also came up with the idea of having another stainless steel frame in the banquet hall foyer to hold our guest's place cards. He used black ribbon of various widths to attach and tie each place card to the frame. He hit our style on the head! The design inspiration for the cake was from Lara's Vera Wang dress. The ivory buttercream frosting symbolized the dress and the black strips of fondant represented the black sash of the dress. The ceremony programs, the signs (placed in various spots throughout the venue, i.e. next to the sparklers, the guest book, the place card frame), the black, white and red fans at the ceremony site, the candy station (bags + signs), and the logo for the photo booth also took on a similar color scheme. The white color of Lara's dress, the black color of her sash and the red color of her lipstick were displayed in these various ways throughout the wedding.

Ben asked several of his close friends who are well-known electronic music producers — edIT, Boreta and Ooah of the Glitch Mob, Kraddy (ex-member of the Glitch Mob) and Free the Robots — to DJ the wedding. Ben also DJed an impromptu vinyl set as a wedding present for Lara. She had never seen him DJ vinyl before. The DJs used Serato or vinyl for their sets. Ben composed the music for the wedding procession and named the piece "Lara." He didn’t know how long each of the sections were going to take (i.e. main procession, transition, bride, etc.), so he made each section loop-able and had a friend trigger it in Ableton Live.

Wedding Photography: Ray Soemarsono of Apertura / Wedding Venue: Parker Palm Springs in Palm Springs, California / Floral + Event Design: Gilly Flowers & Events / Event Coordination: Nancy Williams of Fancy by Nancy / Wedding Dress: Vera Wang "Diana" / Shoes: Prada / Groom's Tuxedo: Paul Smith / DJs: Deru (The Groom), edIT, Boreta & Ooah of The Glitch Mob, Kraddy + Free the Robots