Desert Inspiration Shoot by MegRuth Photography + DIY Goodies
April 3, 2012
DIY InspiredDIY
And now lets delve into some of the projects behind this fab shoot. Get ready to take some notes because we have a whole lot of steal-worthy ideas coming your way in 3, 2, 1...

spray adhesive
paper box
colored sand
paint and paint brush
paper with your table number
bowls for mixing sand

1. Prep the sand by mixing different amounts of the colors you want to fade into each other. A lot of yellow with a little orange in the first bowl, an equal amount of both in another bowl, and a lot of orange and a little yellow in the last bowl

2. Paint box to create a lighter surface so your color stands out more, let dry

3. Spray the glue all over one surface of box, spoon lines of sand across the glued area in a gradient pattern, tip off excess sand, let dry

4. Cut out the number from the paper, place the template over the sanded gradient, spray glue directly over the template, spoon purple sand over the template, remove template and tip off excess sand, let dry. Repeat steps 1-3 for better color and sand coverage

5. Repeat on all sides

Rit dye
100% cotton napkins
bucket or deep container
boiling water
embroidery floss
embroidery hoop

Before you Start:
Prep napkins by running them through the wash without softener

1. Follow directions on dye box for mixing dye, boiling water, and salt. The salt helps hold the dye in the cotton fabric

2. Slowly lower napkin into dye, trying to keep it level with the water to maintain an even line of dye. Lower 3/4 into water, hold 10 seconds and lift out 1/4, hold another 60 seconds and lift out another 1/4 (only 1/4 of the napkin should still be in the water), hold for another 60 seconds (or longer) and remove completely from water

3. Carefully place wet napkin on drying rack. As you complete more napkins be sure not to overlap a dyed portion with an un-dyed portion so as not to get drips on the white part of the napkin. Let dry completely

4. Sketch out a design for your monogram

5. Place napkin in embroidery hoop and pull tight. Chain stitch your monogram, remove from hoop and iron flat

a canvas the size of your liking
embroidery floss
ultra fine tip sharpie
glue gun
a yard of linen fabric (or faux linen like I used!)
graphic map of the US enlarged to fill the canvas

Before you Start:
Prep fabric by cutting it about 3 inches larger on all sides than your canvas (keep this in mind when you buy the fabric), cut out the map

1. Hot glue top center, then bottom center, then the centers on of the other sides, then glue around the corners, pulling fabric taught on each side.
2. Turn the canvas over and place the map in the place you want on the canvas, making sure you leave room for Alaska and Hawaii, outline the entire US with sharpie with dotted line (cause it's cute!)
3. Begin cutting out a few states at a time and tracing around them with a dotted line on the map. I did this with only a couple at a time to be sure I put them all in the right places.
4. Write on the tag a message to your fiance and make a stitch in the place you met. Then each guest can tie on a stitch and mark where they met with a tagged message to the newlyweds!

A big, huge thank you to MegRuth and her fab team for sharing this collaboration of awesome!  xoxo

Photography: MegRuth Photography / Venue + Catering: Bar + Bistro @ The Arts Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada / Floral Design: Layers of Lovely / Wedding Cake: Gimme Some Sugar / Invitation Suite, Menus, + Place Cards: SHE Paperie / Custom Hanger: Handcrafted Affairs / Table Rental: RSVP Party Rentals / Table Linen: La Tavola / Chairs: Collected + Spray-Painted / Runner + Napkins: DIY / Guest Sign-in Board: DIY / Table Number: DIY / Wedding Dress: Saja Weddings via Bella Bridesmaid / Bridesmaids' Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid / Birdcage Veil and Hair Piece: Pomp & Plumage / Hair + Makeup: Your Beauty Call / Lash Extensions: Ciao Bella Studio / Models: Ali, Kavin + Lindsey