Virginia Beach Wedding by Cat Thrasher Photography
March 14, 2012

I'm just going to begin by telling you that I am full-on OBSESSED with this stunning Virginia Beach wedding, so you can prepare yourselves for some major gushing - starting NOW.  Yep, this darling duo seriously set the bar with their crazy talented DIY skills, oh-so-chic style sense and downright cuteness - and I'm promoting myself to #1 fan.  All captured brilliantly by Cat Thrasher Photography, there's not a single glorious second that isn't pure L.O.V.E.  Click here for all of the pretty.

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From the Bride... We wanted to have a gathering of our friends and family in a very intimate, whimsical and relaxed place. We just wanted everyone to have a good time, not worry about what they were wearing and just eat, dance and play! It was very important that our guests feel the freedom that Fair Winds Farm was so generous to share with us. It's a horse farm on Knotts Island, where chickens and horses run free. The horses are let out of their pens so that they can run, explore and be horses! It was about being natural and care-free. The horses, un-coaxed, made our bride and groom portraits look like a Disney movie. One of them came up between us and rested its head on our clasped hands! Then it proceeded to try to eat Cappy's boutonniere. The venue couldn't have been more perfect for all of this to happen, and to top it all off, there was a meteor shower the whole night, so there was a plethora of shooting stars. I think that's why Cat was such the perfect choice to document our wedding. She used film as well as digital. She really understood what our aesthetic was, and the film came out wonderful. Everything was magical and glowing.

A lot of our cakes and desserts were made by friends and family, with the exception of the pies and cookies. Even our wedding cake was made by our good friend. We wanted a large table devoted to desserts — all types to satisfy anybody! Almost everything was DIY, with the exception of the caterers and rentals — even the wedding planner was my father. The bridesmaids found all their dresses on Etsy themselves, and we did each others' hair and makeup. They also did all the centerpieces for the tables. All of the paper pom-poms were made by my bridesmaids and my mother's friends. They worked so hard we actually had a ton left over! Our photo booth was also done by our good friend Greg Bethmann. Our party favors were pint glasses with a design printed on them and were made by one of the groomsmen, Mickael Broth. He made a "family crest," which showcased our Frenchie Napoleon, a toothbrush and paintbrush since Cappy's a dentist and I'm an artist. My ceremony and reception dress were made by a long-time friend, Jane Henry. She now works at Brochu Walker, but she made the time and performed miracles to make me stunning. The dresses were designed and made by her. She was so patient during fittings, and it was incredible to bounce ideas back and forth between us.

Our wedding could not have happened without the help and support of our families and friends. The same with our marriage — it's the strong support and love from them that gives us our strength in our own relationship. It only made sense that the whole day be about all of us, not just the bride and groom, but as much about friends and family as it was about us.

Wedding Photography Cat Thrasher Photography / Wedding Venue: Fair Winds Farm on Knotts Island in Virginia Beach, Virginia / Floral Design: Greenbrier Florist / Wedding Planning: The Bride's Father / Catering: Creative Catering of Virginia / Pies: Flour Child Bakery / Cookies: Lenora Belle Cookies and Cakes / Wedding Cake: A Friend of the Couple / Cake Toppers: RoyalMint / Tent: Distinctive Event Rentals / Party Favor Glasses: Mickael Broth (A Friend of the Couple) via Arton Products / Photo Booth: Greg Bethmann (A Friend of the Couple) / Table Centerpieces + Pom-Poms: DIY / Wedding Dress: Jane Henry (A Friend of the Bride) / Bride's Headpiece: LaCocoRouge / Bride's Jewelry: tundradear / Bridesmaids' Dresses: Various Etsy Vendors / Bridesmaids' Boots: Tretorn / Hair + Makeup: DIY / Groom's Suit: John Varvatos / Groomsmen's Suits: J.Crew