Lea-Ann Belter Spring 2012 Look Book Collection
March 13, 2012
When it comes to shopping for that perfect wedding gown, you have one priority and one priority only - it has to look and feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  Luckily, the oh-so-talented Lea-Ann Belter has you totally covered with a new Spring 2012 collection that will meet every.single.one of your wedding dress needs.  Romantic layers, captivating lace, sophisticated lines, understated details... Lea-Ann Belter's glorious gowns boast an elegant simplicity that will most definitely stand the test of time.  And with a dazzling lineup of stunning designs that fit virtually any look or theme, Lea-Ann Belter has a take-your-breath-away gown that is right for you.  And, really... how FABULOUS is that?!?
Falling head over heels for Lea-Ann Belter's gorgeous gowns isn't hard to do.  Nope, once you dive into the lovely that is her new collection, you'll spend HOURS lost in the hand-sewn details and sweet embroidery (TRUST ME)... and your list of favorites will grow by the second.  Plus, Lea-Ann Belter's designs are known for their extraordinary workmanship and luxurious quality, so you can rest easy knowing that your gown is absolutely perfect in EVERY WHICH WAY.  And did I mention that each of her spectacular creations are lined in SILK?!?  We LOVE that.

So, what are you waiting for?  For even more of this BREATHTAKING new collection from Lea-Ann Belter, head on over to their Look Book NOW – and start shopping for that gown of your dreams! xoxo