Amalfi Coast Wedding Film from Life Stage Films
March 3, 2012
Italy is top of so many of our travel bucket lists, so obviously we couldn't resist sharing this sweet Ravello Destination wedding with you this Saturday morning. It's simple - just two people professing their love to each other in the sweetest way. Amongst romance centuries old on the Amalfi Coast. Life Stage Films captured the beauty of the country, and even more important, the beauty of the love fabulously. Enjoy your Italian vacation this morning LBBers!

Ericka & K.C. (Ravello, Italy Wedding) from Life Stage Films

From the Groom ... On Our Wedding Trip to Italy… Where do I begin? The idea had its genesis on the premise of ‘escape,’ ‘fairy tale,’ and ‘capturing moments.’

According to Italian Law for foreigners, many layers of bureaucratic red tape had to be navigated. For us, this was all well worth the hassle. None of which could have been as smooth and perfectly orchestrated without the help of our amazing wedding planners Jacquie & Kim at The Amalfi Experience.

The trip was quite simply put….a dream come true and beyond our wildest imagination. The town of Ravello is made up of gardens, small cobble stone alleyways, birds singing, roosters crowing in the morning, church bells in the distant hills, beautiful cliff side gardens and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. If there is a heaven for me and Ericka, this place at that moment could very well be it.

Matt and Zach of Lifestage Films captured this for us perfectly.

Cinematography: Life Stage Films / Event Planning: Jacquie & Kim at The Amalfi Experience