Devil's Thumb Ranch Wedding from Love This Day Events + Paige Elizabeth
March 1, 2012
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When Kara of Love This Day Events sends over a wedding that she calls one of her favorites, we put it on the schedule no questions asked. Love This Day Events plans, designs, and flowers some of our favorite affairs. And when we saw the day from Paige Elizabeth's point of view, it more than met our high expectations. The great rainclouds over the Colorado ranch set the most romantic tone - which was matched by the entire design. Click here to see more!
My mom's side of the family has a beach house that was built years ago by my grandfather and his five sons (my Uncles). The beach house is in Northern California at a beach called Dillon Beach, which is about an hour north of San Francisco. The beach house has been in our family ever since my uncles and grandfather built it, and has hosted more family events than I can remember. And, my family has over 50 people in it... so talk about memories built into the walls. Since my mother passed in 2003, this has been the only place where I really feel her presence. As you can gather, this place means more to me than I can put to words. We decided to spend a week at the beach house to enjoy each other and spend Easter with my family, and we of course drove so the dogs could join us.

Every morning our beach house routine is to wake up, pour a cup of coffee and walk the mile down the beach and back. On the second morning we started our walk. About half way down the beach, Scott started getting really sentimental with me - which is strange for anyone at 8am who has bed head and sweat pants on. He started asking me about when my Uncles and Grandpa built the house; how much my mom really loved this place; how much the place meant to me. I started getting suspicious since all I wanted to do was walk to the end of the beach and get back for breakfast. By the time we got to the end of the beach and were ready to turn around - he was acting really lovey, connected and asked me to stop and just enjoy the scenery. Then he went for it. He said all the right things; nothing corny and really personal. It was my version of a chick flick for my life. We celebrated all week with my extended family, which meant the world to me.

Devil's Thumb Ranch & Paige came as a package deal for me. I met Paige years earlier when she photographed my sister's wedding. At first site, I fell for her work and amazing personalty. I immediately knew I connected with her, truly appreciated her work and felt she was someone who would make our day so special - and, of course she did.

When we got engaged, we decided to look for a site first. The first place I went to look for a site was Paige's website. I knew that our photographs would last forever and wanted to see what photographs Paige took that felt like forever locations for us. It wasn't long after my first visit to Paige's site that DTR and Paige were the next 'must haves' for Scott and I on our wedding day. We literally planned our day around both DTR and Paige's schedule.

There are two moments for me that tie for first place. The first was the 'first glance' with Scott and I. That man is filled with emotions and wears them on his sleeve...and wow, did they come out when we first saw each other. His face was priceless & I will never forget it. He's so amazing. The second was when I woke up and went to our cabin where my girls and I got ready. Since he is a chef for a breakfast restaurant, he leaves for work before I'm awake and leaves me a note every morning (yes, I'm spoiled). On our wedding day, he left me a note that was perfect - simple and sweet. It was really comforting because it's a part of our daily routine and it reminded me that this is just another day, only we would remember it forever. My morning note always starts my day with a big smile and it's all I wanted the morning of our wedding.

Kara of Love This Day Events brought the day together like it was delivered from my imagination. The day was designed to bring out our relationship in a way that was comforting, warm and filled with simple romance. The design for the day was nothing short of perfect petals all wrapped up in a burlap bow, which is Scott & I.

Floral Design: Love This Day Events / Event Planning & Coordination: Love This Day Events / Venue: Devil's Thumb Ranch / Photography: Paige Elizabeth / Dress: Monique Lhuillier, from Anna Be / Cake: Friend of the bride / Band: Garrett Sayers Band