Paris Wedding by Rendez-vous in Paris
February 28, 2012

This wedding is pure magic.  Picture this - you're on a yacht, surrounded by the shimmering lights of Paris and gazing lovingly into your sweetheart's eyes as you become man and wife.  Sounds pretty crazy romantic and incredible, right?  I've got to hand it to Rendez-vous in Paris for putting together a dream destination wedding and Jacquelyn Poussot Photography for capturing all the amazing details.  Click here to see it all!

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From the bride... When my husband and I first talked about getting married, we knew we wanted it somewhere far away from the US. Some place where just a handful of people would be, and somewhere that we'd always remember fondly. We originally thought of Tokyo, Japan, because we have always had amazing vacations there. But after the disaster in early 2011, we decided to switch the locale. I've always wanted to get married in the most romantic place possible, and Paris is the place I envision when I think of romance and butterflies and love. Once the destination was decided, we then had a couple options: a chateau wedding? A wedding in a hotel? But then paging through some photos online, I saw something that made my heart stop — a shot of a couple getting married on the Seine. Once I saw that, I knew that I would want that most.

We were not at all prepared for how dreamy the wedding day would be. I had been working with Heather and Jaq via email for a few months, and basically, everything had been done sight unseen. I should also mention that I had never been to France, and my husband had been there back when he was only in high school.  So, really, we had no idea what to expect. From the limo ride from our hotel through the beautiful shots that Jaq took us through around Paris, then to our final destination, a beautiful yacht on the Seine, it was such a whirlwind. We were giddy and amazed, and once the yacht started moving along the river and passed under a twinkling Eiffel Tower, it felt like the night had been made just for us. Even now, a few months after the wedding, we will randomly exclaim, "Remember how beautiful the Seine and Eiffel Tower were during our wedding?!"

The ceremony was short and sweet, and we were surrounded by 20 of our closest family and friends. We were above deck with the lights of the city flowing by and the wind ruffling our hair. We then enjoyed some very delicious food inside the cozy yacht from Le Notre — the best food we've ever had at a wedding, and maybe one of the best meals we had in Paris (and we had some yummy meals in Paris!). The croquembouche from Pierre Hermé was literally sparkling - the sparklers on the tower somehow made each puff even more delectable. As we left the warm and inviting yacht a married couple, we knew we had just had an experience of a lifetime. Many thanks to Heather and Jaq for a truly special time. They are two of the most charming and creative people I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and they nailed every detail.

Wedding Photography: Jacquelyn Poussot Photography / Wedding Location: Paris, France / Wedding Planning: Rendez-vous in Paris / Flowers: Frederic Bertin / Food: Le Notre / Hotel: Hotel Chaplain Rive Gauche / Wedding Cake: Pierre Hermé / Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet / Bride's Shoes: Christian Louboutin