Historic London Town and Gardens Wedding from Readyluck
February 27, 2012
Mid Atlantic
Fall Weddings
Get your Pinning fingers ready, LBBers, because this wedding is filled with SO many fantastic fall wedding details. Lindsay Hite of Readyluck captured them all - from the pumpkin vases, to the autumnal fashion this beautiful couple is rocking. It will definitely make you crave a rainy day to fill with pumpkin pie, apple cider, and fabulous, fall weddings. Click here for more in the full image gallery!
John and I had been friends for a few years before realizing we had a thing for each other one night while sharing a glass of bourbon. We actually spent our first date (which lasted three days) snowed in at his place thanks to Snowmageddon 2010. By the time we shoveled out we knew we were in love.

For the proposal; he had a few failed attempts before it all came together... a romantic trip to Charlottesville, a beach weekend, and an overnight trip to DC. The ring had been delayed several times and he kept having to put off the proposal. Hands down, he's one of the most romantic guys ever and I would've been thrilled to have him propose during any of those trips but ultimately a random Wednesday at home was how it happened and it was perfect! He sent me for a manicure with my sister, Megan. She was in on the surprise. While away he got the house ready.....our favorite bottle of wine, the fire pit in the backyard and Van Morrison in the stereo. When I got home we hung out by the fire and chatted like nothing was up. I had no clue. Then Into the Mystic (all time FAVORITE song) came on and the next thing I knew, John was on one knee saying a whole lot of stuff I couldn't hear because I was crying. Apparently he had to ask me twice because I didn't respond the first time.

We set out in making our day reflective of who we are. We're not the "wedding factory" type and decided against a lot of expected wedding details. I had more than a few odd looks when describing our pie bar. Also, we wanted to bring our friends and family together for a night they'd never forget.... it probably won't ever happen again - having all of those people gathered in one place to celebrate and have fun. We wanted to make it count.

As a designer I think a lot of the ideas were there already... but I definitely relied on blogs for ideas and concepts too. I also got ideas from music (a key component to the day) and paintings (Dutch still life painting lead to the floral concept)  I knew from the get-go what I wanted the general vibe to be... autumn, rustic, vintage with a dose of quirky; blogs helped me flesh all of those ideas out. I also used them as a resource for suggestions on what to avoid - knowing what not to do can be equally important.

We're music junkies and that played a huge role in the day.....the table numbers, the music trivia on the backs of the menus and our save the dates where we recreated Bob Dylan's (John's favorite!) famous cover of Freewheelin' Bob Dylan were all meant to reinforce the importance that music plays in our lives and a big part of what originally brought us together.

The venue was so pretty that I didn't have to add much but I love Dutch still Life paintings from the 1600's and wanted that vibe for my flowers. I also wanted them to be seasonal and local. Enter Ellen Frost. I showed her a few pics I found on a blog... to my luck it was from a florist she knew. We recreated those centerpieces using dahlias, coxcomb, gourds, succulents and other seasonal items.

There were so many amazing moments! Seeing John for the first time and having a few moments to ourselves before the ceremony. Walking into the ceremony on my Father's arm and seeing all of those faces there smiling and happy to celebrate the day with us. Also, the speeches! Each one was funny, heart-warming and incredibly special to us. Oh, and I suppose seeing my Aunt do her Tina Turner impression on the dance floor during Proud Mary. Loved that!

Photography: Lindsay Hite of Readyluck / Flowers: Ellen Frost of Local Color Flowers / Day of Coordination: Rachel Shaw of Plan it Perfect Weddings / Venue: Historic London Town and Gardens / DJ: Neal Becton / Caterer: Jamie Kupstas of Ken's Creative Kitchen / Dress: Watters and Watters, from Betsy Robinson's