Becoming a Mrs. with AOL Mail
February 27, 2012
It may not be official yet, but let's face it, the idea of potentially changing your name is coming and with that comes lots of excitement. Sure, it may not be the name that you used to scribble on your notebooks back in junior high (Mrs. Priestley of Beverly Hills), but you my friend are getting married to the love of your life and for some, taking on that name brings you right back to good old days! So if you are one of those name changing kind of brides, AOL Mail has you totally covered. With literally millions of perfect usernames, just waiting to be claimed.

A new AOL email address is a totally free and cool way to introduce your new name to all your friends and family. And the super smart folks at AOL are making it easier than ever to transfer all of your old emails and contacts and then send a Change of Email Address message to everyone in your address book. Not only that, but they just launched a fresh new design and offer free, free text messaging right from your inbox! Add in free online support from their friendly AOL Help folks and AOL Mail has all of your email needs covered and then some. Click here to get started and congrats on your new beginning!