Ballroom at the Ben Wedding from mk Photography
February 16, 2012
Mid Atlantic
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Mmm... one of my favorite things winter brings along with the snow is a fabulous ballroom wedding. I feel like our inboxes are getting flooded with stunning nuptials in grandeur settings, and I LOVE it. mk Photography captured this Philadelphia soiree which is ballroom at it's finest. Grab your most formal gown & sashay on over to the full image gallery!
Mike and I met just about four years ago in February of 2008. From that moment, a friendship, which felt like it was years old, began to grow into the love which will be the foundation for our life together. As time passed, we realized we were much more alike than we’d thought; we had similar upbringings and values, some friends in common, a love for Phillies baseball & sushi, an affinity for cooking, and a weakness for Coldplay & mint chocolate chip ice cream. Most importantly, we each had a unique/weird side that has linked our minds—and our hearts—together, forever.

We’d talked about our future together in vague terms during the months leading up to our engagement. I would, however, be lying, if I told you I had any idea that he’d be popping the question at a private dinner at the Walnut St. Theatre in Philadelphia in front of each of our entire families. He wanted to make sure I was completely surprised. Check! Mike wanted to share such an important time in both of our lives with those nearest and dearest to us. And, while I always pictured my engagement as a private moment alone…looking back, it was pretty sweet.

I started my own PR company, shortly before we were engaged. Want to talk stress? Planning a wedding the same year you start your own business (at age 25) is a great place to start. That being said, the stress was all positive energy. There was so much to be excited and grateful for. Plus, my business partner, Dawn, was incredible. Her support during that time—as a partner, and a friend—was calming and definitely set the tone for our relationship, which continues to flourish on all levels.

As you can imagine, the time leading up to the wedding was pretty crazy. Thankfully, I was able to take some of my PR skills and implement them into the planning. I got the big stuff out of the way early (venue, band, photographer, flowers & dress) so that I could concentrate on work in the time leading up to the wedding. I spent my nights and weekends slowly checking-off my other to-do's. My friends were great during this time. The excitement they showed during all stages of planning the wedding really made all the small moments leading up to the big day so much more special for me. And, it allowed us to bond and well—be girls.

Mike was also so enthusiastic about all things wedding-related. He wasn’t one of those “armchair grooms” who just said, “yea, ok, whatever.” Instead, he was responsive to questions, shared ideas of his own, and was very involved. He even designed and printed stickers featuring silhouettes of our engagement photos to put on the to-go cake bags. You have to admit, that’s pretty cute.

The time leading up to the wedding flew by and then it arrived. As we got beautified at the Ritz, everything went smoothly. That is, everything went smoothly except the alarm with an announcement that said “Attention: There is an emergency security situation in this building. Please remain calm and do not leave your room for any reason.” But hey, no big deal, right? (!!!) The rest of the day went as planned and the wedding was all we hoped for and more. I’ll let the photos tell the story, but here are two tips:

1) Make sure you put your favorite food in a small room for you and your husband to share right after you become husband and wife. You will NOT get a chance to eat ONE thing during cocktail hour. (We had a plate of sushi waiting for us!)

2) Make sure you actually have fun at your wedding. Sure, you should say hi to everyone, but dance, have a few drinks (you will NOT forget the night!), and enjoy yourselves! It’ll be over before you know it.

Photography: mk Photography / Brides Dress: Monique Lhuillier / Brides Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Headband & Veil: Etsy / Bridesmaids Dresses: Wtoo / Bridesmaids Jewelry: Etsy / Groomsmen Cufflinks: Etsy / Invitations: C’est Papier / Flowers: Rhoads Garden / Band: L.A. Starz, EBE Talent / Venue: Ballroom at the Ben