Seattle Wedding by Abbey Hepner Photography
February 15, 2012
DIY Inspired

As a fellow detail-obsessed DIYer, I am positively falling down in adoration for this handcrafted Seattle wedding.  Each pretty little detail you see below was made with lots of love by the adorable bride from the fabric rosettes and paper flower centerpieces to the home-baked cookies!  Of course, as amazing as she is, she couldn't do everything by herself.  All of her hard work and months of crafting were captured so delightfully by Abbey Hepner Photography.  Click here to see all the images in the full gallery!

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From the bride... Please excuse me for being cliché, but my favorite memory of the day was the ceremony. The entire room disappeared and it was just the three of us. I knew my friends and family were there, but all my attention was focused on Chris and his daughter. The comment that I hear the most often is how great it was that we were able to incorporate Chris' daughter into the ceremony. It's her family, too, and we wanted to make sure she was a part of our vows and our commitment to each other. It was lovely.

The details — oh, the details! Yes, I was obsessed with them. I've loved milk glass for years, so I knew that my centerpieces had to be in milk glass. I really found lots of my ideas for details from searching wedding blogs. It was a fun time, and I almost miss having an excuse to read through the blogs all the time. (Though maybe I still do. Don’t tell!) I made fabric flowers for the tables, tissue paper flowers for the centerpieces, and hanging fabric poms for the ceiling. I also baked the cookies and made the Rice Krispie treats and rock candy. (I could not have done all this without the help from my family and friends!) However, I think the most important thing to know about the details is how little they really mattered on my wedding day. Don't get me wrong — I noticed them and I was happy my little crafty things were there, but I was at my wedding with the man I love, all my family and friends, and an amazing band! The food was great, and there were donuts — really, what more do you need!?

My advice to brides isn't necessarily to start early and DIY everything, unless you love that kind of thing (which I do, and if you are going to DIY a lot of your wedding, do start early). My advice is to make your day your own. Of course, take into account the comfort and enjoyment of your guests, but don't sweat the small stuff. They'll like vegan donuts if that's what you serve. In fact, they'll eat them even before you and your groom have your "donut cutting" and rave about them for weeks to come. Don’t overdo it either. I had planned to do all my own flowers (the dahlias were grown by my uncle!), but a few days before the wedding, I realized that I was overwhelmed. I was lucky enough to hire Finch and Thistle to do my flowers and it was the best last-minute decision I made. Also, make sure you have a detailed schedule for the day. Provide copies to your photographer,  your venue and anyone else you think might need one, and then let the day unfold. I did not worry about time at all on that day. It was the best way to let go and enjoy my guests and my wedding day! My last bit of advice: choose all your vendors well, especially your photographer. The photos will live on forever! (Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Abbey!) It was such a fun, love-filled day. And you know what? If something went wrong, no one told me about it, which was brilliant. Enjoy it — it will be over in a flash!

Wedding Photography: Abbey Hepner Photography / Photo Assistant: Heather Dow / Wedding Venue + Catering: Alexis Hotel in Seattle, Washington / Florist: Finch And Thistle Event Design / Groom's Attire: Canali via Nordstrom / Wedding Gown: Demetrios "Ilissa" via Blue Sky Bridal / Girl's Attire: Dimples via Zulily / Hair: Shaina Marx / Makeup: Nikki Reign / Wedding Invitations: Agnes Gomez, A Friend of the Bride / Paper Flowers, Cloth Adornments, Candy Buffet + Details: DIY by the Bride / Donuts: Mighty-O Donut / Officiant: Heidi Calhoun, A Friend of the Groom / Musicians: Dara Sanchez and Band