Sonoma Wedding from Liz Lovi Photography + It's A Date at The Powder Room
February 13, 2012
United States
DIY InspiredCasualVintage
Easy yet beautiful, sunny and casual. This Sonoma wedding has every element we love to see in a wedding. DIY projects handmade with love, gorgeous flowers that evoke a beyond happy feeling, a fantastic venue filled with personal décor, and - of course - a couple madly in love. Liz Lovi Photography captured our stunning bride, handsome groom, and their warm, heartfelt day to perfection. I know I'll be spending my afternoon in the gallery - where will you be?

Hair & Makeup courtesy of It's A Date at The Powder Room.

My vision for our wedding day was fun and travel. Tommy and I have been to over nine countries and one US road trip together. We love adventure, exploring, culture, food, music and the kindness of strangers all over the globe. I wanted the idea of us concurring and exploring this world together to come across at our wedding. Traveling is something that excites us, intrigues us, scares us and brings us closer together.

One of the main flowers that I wanted to incorporate throughout the day was sunflowers. I have loved sunflowers for as long as I could remember. They are so bright and cheerful and always make me smile. They fascinate me too because they are always reaching for the sun. If you put them in a window the sunflowers will actually turn and face the sun. I have always tried to be a positive, bright and a happy person much like a sunflower!

The venue was a no brainer the moment when I walked through the gates of that magical, secret garden. I only saw the venue one time in the dead of winter. No flowers, puddles of mud, repairs needed but I just knew it was the place where we were supposed to get married. It had a vintage feel to it, and it also made us feel like we had traveled somewhere else! It was the perfect venue for the most perfect day ever!

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, we decided to have donuts! Donuts and dancing were there to show off our fun side. Cake is good but who doesn't LOVE donuts? I wanted our guests to feel our playful, different and adventurous side - and dance! For years Tommy and I have loved to dance not only with each other but just in general. Our DJ really made that party happen with all the lighting and high energy music. All in all, our wedding was a fabulous representation of our love! Romantic, bright, playful, joyful, exciting and full of love. It was hands down the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Photography: Liz Lovi Photography / Venue: The Garden Pavilion / Wedding Dress: Wine Country Bride / Brides Shoes: TOMS Shoes / Groom’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse / Groom's Shoes: Converse / DJ: DJ Jon Moore / Florist: Divine Creations Floral Design / Caterer: Taste of Perfection Catering / Donuts: Harvey’s Gourmet Mini Donuts / Coordinator: Delia Nieto, / Officiant: Jimmy Donaghy, / Hair & Makeup: It's A Date at The Powder Room / DIY: Table 'numbers' picture signs, paper airplanes, seating chart, picture frame pictures for sign-in scrapbook / Travel passport holders: handmade from a friend