Surprise Proposal by Sean Gallery Photography + Go Get It Events
February 7, 2012
Tri State
I'm a total sucker for romance so when I saw this surprise birthday engagement rooftop dinner by Go Get It Events and Proposals and Sean Gallery Photography, I may have squealed a teeny-tiny bit...okay, maybe a lot! But imagine, a romantic birthday complete with a horse ride through the city and a rooftop dinner complete with hand written love notes, surprises around each and every corner and an e-session that truly captures the excitement of the moment. What girl wouldn't squeal? Click here to see their entire night unfold!

Click here for the FULL proposal!

From Jenifour of Go Get It Events and Proposals... Kevin came to Go Get It Events and Proposals with a dream proposal in his mind. He wanted to propose to Stefanie, the love of his life, on a rooftop in New York City on the night of her birthday. He was very specific with his request — it could not be a terrace, it had to be a rooftop with 360-degree views of the city. He also wanted to have a full gourmet dining experience on the rooftop. On top of this, the forecast was for rain! With only 2 1/2 days to scout every available NYC rooftop, book a large clear tent, an available caterer, a photographer, a horse carriage and get all of the floral and decor items in place, Go Get Events worked on overdrive to make Kevin's dream come true. After many site visits, the Prince Street Loft rooftop was booked as the site for his romantic proposal.

On the day of Stefanie's birthday, it started to pour! The staff set up the rooftop in the rain and high winds and prayed it would stop by 7 p.m. Then, as night rolled around, the rain subsided, and Kevin casually asked Stefanie if she wanted to take a horse carriage ride near their apartment on Central Park West. Inside the carriage, Stefanie found her first birthday presents of the evening: new cashmere gloves and a love note written by Kevin. After a romantic 40-minute horse ride, they were dropped off in front of the Plaza Hotel and Stefanie was shocked to find a chauffeur waiting for them. They hopped into the awaiting limousine and were driven to Tribeca, where they were let out at a cute neighborhood bar, The Dutch. Once inside this cozy bar, Kevin excused himself to go to the "bathroom." While Stefanie waited for his return, Kevin slipped out of the bar and headed over to Prince Street Lofts, which had been turned into a beautiful and private proposal location.

It was then that a Go Get It Events coordinator approached Stefanie, handed her a note and walked away. Stephanie opened it up and was floored! It was Kevin's writing, telling her to meet her at a mysterious address. She quickly got up, left the bar and walked over to Prince Street. Following notes and signs, she took the elevator to the top to find Kevin waiting for her! She honestly thought he was taking her to a "pop-up" restaurant. They walked up the final candlelit stairs to the rooftop to find a beautifully decorated rooftop and dinner set up just for them. After they dined on 4 courses with view of Manhattan as their scenery, Stefanie was presented with one last letter. As she read it, Kevin got down on one knee and proposed! Stefanie burst into tears and could hardly contain her shock when she saw the ring. It was the same ring she had admired while on vacation years ago. Kevin had skillfully managed to locate the ring and have it shipped to the US. The two of them finished their romantic dinner on top of Manhattan before heading out for a fun engagement photography session. Now, how is that for engagement photos — within hours of your actual engagement!

Proposal Photographer: Sean Kim of Sean Gallery Photography / Proposal Planning, Design, Flowers, Decor + Production: Jenifour Jones of Go Get It Events and Proposals / Loft Space: The Loft at Prince / Catering: Mimi's Fusion of Flavors / Transportation: Skyline Ride / Tent Company + Rentals: Atlas Party Rentals