Atlanta Old Hollywood Engagement Session from Our Labor of Love
February 7, 2012
Mmm... is it too early to mix up a cocktail to enjoy with this Mad Men inspired engagement shoot? This session, captured by Our Labor of Love, is cool, mod, and ultra sexy. The Atlanta couple wanted something completely different - but equally fabulous - from their upcoming nautical nuptials, and I'd say the result is smashing. Click here for the rest!
Engagement photos were such and important part of the wedding planning process to me - when else in life do you have an excuse to be professionally photographed in a stylized, romantic, intimate setting with the person you love? Since our wedding (this summer) is going to be a super casual, nautical affair on a marina, I wanted our engagement photos to be the opposite: indoors, more formal, and a little sexy.

As I brainstormed about possible themes and locations, I found myself drawn to classic-Hollywood photo shoots and Mad-Men era sleekness and style. (This came as no shock to my fiance, since I'm a big classic film nerd AND made him dress up as Don Draper to my Betty last year for Halloween.) I just love the richness and darkness and vintage feel of that time, the simmering elegance of men in suits and women in cocktail dresses meeting in hotel lobbies.

With this idea (and an unbelievably good sport of a fiance), I started shopping for photographers. Heidi Geldhauser of Our Labor of Love (based here in Atlanta, but traveling all over the place if you're interested!) had photographed a friend's wedding and her photos were some of the loveliest I'd ever seen. As you can tell, we are extraordinarily lucky to have found Heidi -- she took my little kernels of ideas and locations and made them into these fantastically beautiful photos. She suggested things we'd never have thought of in a million years, like abandoning the marble staircase to take tons of photos in an empty office in front of some white plastic vertical blinds! It totally worked, and those are the best photos we have.

As a final note, since we were paying homage to a bygone era, I wore jewelry in each setting owned by either my mother or my grandmother. The white bracelet, the black beaded necklace, and the tri-color gold necklace are my little tokens of the women who lived (and dressed) like classic movie stars for real.

Photographer: Heidi Geldhauser, Our Labor of Love / Orange Dress: Zara / Black Dress: Ralph Lauren / Green Dress: Studio M by BCBG