Perth Wedding Same Day Edit from Urban Light Films
February 4, 2012
Western Australia
Urban Light Films sent over a love story captured in a way we have never seen before. It's beautiful and emotion evoking - so we thought it would be the perfect thing to share this lovely Saturday morning. You'll fall in love with this couple through the film - you'll swoon at the grooms words, smile at the bride's lovely dancing, and when you leave, you'll be filled with a warm, happy feeling, all day long. Especially after you read the eloquent bride's loving words about their courtship.
Jay would argue that the first steps to our destiny began thousands of miles away in Wales, as a child. He vividly remembers looking at the world map pointing to the South China Sea and asking his Geography teacher...what’s there? Her answer wasn’t satisfactory and I suppose from this he was always interested in the “mystical, fog covered” world of South East Asia.

I had just transferred over to UWA from Singapore in 2007. Wanting to throw myself into finance lessons beyond the classroom, I agreed when a friend asked me to join him and his team in a competition – The UBS Investment (where incidentally Jay is now working) Banking Challenge. I was expecting a panel of old men, teachers perhaps, to judge us. Instead, I found myself in front of a man who took my breath away... His eyes were sharp with intelligence yet his face was soft. His diamond earring glistened at me. He looked very cool with his shaved head. I also enjoyed watching him grill my team mates... that is until a question was shot at me.

So our team did not win, but I won. That evening, in that room, I met the man I was going to marry.

It was as if after the moment I met him that evening, the floodgates of opportunities to interact opened up. I kept seeing him around and hearing about him. I heard so much about him. Things I approved of – he was known to be very intelligent. Other boys in school looked up to him saying he was a gun. He was a good friend. I even liked that he would offer to help the admin ladies out when they were busy. I thought it was cute his mother packed his lunch. I saw him around a lot too... Unfortunately, I was always too shy. Derek thinks everyone is going to laugh when they hear this because I am not really known as a shy person. I was shy when I was young but I had it trained out of me. It was as if just by looking at him, this man could impact my very core.

This part of the story Jay can explain his side. He noticed that I gave him ‘weird’ looks. Really, those weird looks were me smiling with my eyes down. I was telling myself ‘Lorraine! Be Confident!’ I could not even look at him in the eye. I would also be very quiet when he is in the same room.

I was not quiet about him though. I was telling Samantha about him constantly for almost a year to the point she was nearly in tears begging me to go talk to him already! I also told Mom about him. I told her one day “Mom, there is this guy in Uni. I’m going to marry him one day!” Mom naturally asked about him. She thought I was nuts when I said I hadn’t spoken to him yet.

After nearly a year we started, at Samantha’s urging, talking... electronically. By now we had "known" each other by seeing each other so much at Uni. I was going to backpack Indo-China... and Jay was backpacking Cuba and Central America. He asked if I was going to be in Bangkok at such and such date. I said yes but really I had to travel across borders from Laos and take the train to Bangkok to see him. All I knew was that I had to see him and talk to him face to face. It was urgent because I knew that he was not going to be in Perth anymore. He was going to be in Sydney. Then my chance would have been gone.

So on our first proper meeting, we met in Bangkok and we were going out to dinner... I had somehow made myself very comfortable with Jay. We were in a tuk-tuk, chatting and I had my legs over his...and I told him ‘Do you know.... that I am going to marry you one day?’ I believed it with all my heart.

Half expecting him to jump out of the moving tuk tuk (must have been why my legs were on his), I was surprised when he looked at me and asked me ‘Really? You want to marry me?’ I said ‘Yes...and I already told my mom.’

I didn’t stay very long – in fact I had to leave the next day to meet Samantha in Chiang Mai.

The GFC was a blessing for me. Jay decided to transfer back to Perth with Merrill Lynch. Things didn’t work out on a long distance basis. He didn’t believe in our fate as strongly as I did in the beginning. I was very disheartened and thought that I must have been wrong.

When he came back, I didn’t believe in a second chance for him but he told me ‘Our paths are intertwined. We are meant to be. It doesn’t matter what we do, we will always end and will end up together.’ How can you fight that?

When Mom met him finally, she told him ‘Lorraine knew she was going to marry you. She’s never said that about anybody else.’

14 November 2010 – Jay proposed in the room where I first saw him, filled with roses and a bottle of champagne.

Cinematography: Urban Light Films / Venue: Perth Convention Centre