WaterColor Resort Wedding from Diva Productions + Paul Johnson Photography
January 21, 2012
ModernBeach Weddings
You are going to love these two. You are going to love them from the moment you watch this video. You're going to love the cake, you're going to love the decor, your going to love the beach ceremony. But you are going to capital LOVE this couple more than anything. Their infectious smiles, their extreme excitement, their tear stained vows. And you are going to love Paul Johnson Photography for capturing the day in beautiful stills, and Diva Productions for capturing it in a breathtaking video. You are going to love these two.

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After dating for several months and realizing that I had absolutely met my best friend, it was clear that we meant to be together. Our plans were to be in WaterColor to celebrate the holidays with my father's side of the family. Having such a special, amazing time in one of the most incomparably beautiful places, it seemed like this would be the perfect time to ask. Unfortunately, we still did not have a ring decided upon.

In WaterColor, there is a classic candy shop from your childhood with a bunch of stuffed animals and other small toys, amongst which is a big Hello Kitty section. Missy absolutely adores Hello Kitty. On the bottom shelf, thankfully tucked away from desperate eyes pointed at a huge stuffed Hello Kitty, was a rack of faux-antique rings with Hello Kitty jewels. While Missy sadly walked out without a big mushy feline friend, I rushed back and purchased one of the rings, thinking I had found perfection right there. I could barely contain my glee as I skipped outside, trying to look nonchalant while already trying to figure out the best place to ask Missy to be my wife.

Every evening in WaterColor, my family lines up beach chairs and watches the sun magically go down over the Gulf. This would clearly be the perfect place! However, being December, the coast was quite chilly and not everyone who grew up in Miami Beach wanted to stay out to watch, even when given the option of taking my fleece and gloves for warmth. Thus, "Plan A" was foiled. However, being Christmas the next morning there was another opportunity for a special and memorable moment. When we woke up, earlier than the family breakfast, I told Missy that I had gotten her a gift that week. "When? I was with you every minute!" Well, not every minute. I then reached into my coat pocket to get the pink princess Hello Kitty ring still waiting for a finger and got down on one knee in from of the bed. Looking up at the still just-waking Missy, I asked, "Will you marry me?" We then had the most smiling-est, jumping-est, teary-est morning ever.

After being engaged there, the decision to have the wedding at WaterColor was simple; we wanted a wedding where people who loved each other got to spend as much time as possible with one another. WaterColor is phenomenal for family get togethers, and we were excited to introduce so many people to the Emerald Coast.

The concept of a modern beach wedding was matched by the style of all of our fantastic vendors, who absolutely made the day. And we could not have had a better band than Rubik’s Groove. Missy and I both love 80s music, and these guys were the most amazing event band ever. No one sat for the entire night. Even when the delicious food was served, people wanted to be dancing, not eating! All we have seen in the pictures of the tent are empty chairs and a full dance floor!

Cinematography: Diva Productions / Photography: Paul Johnson Photography / Event Designer & Coordinator: Jennifer Warwick-Lewis + Jennifer Fisher for It's a Shore Thing / Venue: WaterColor Inn & Resort / Venue Coordinator: Cheryl Walton for WaterColor / Cake: Confections on the Coast / Florals: Nouveau Flowers / Officiant: Rabbi Richard Baroff / Band: Rubik's Groove / Makeup Artist: Yvette Nation / Hair Stylist: Ashley Carter / Ceremony Guitarist: Hunter Dawson