Historic Cedarwood Wedding from Kristyn Hogan + FullFrame Digital Cinema
January 3, 2012
DIY Inspired
Any wedding at Historic Cedarwood, planned and perfected by Cedarwood Weddings, is going to be amazing. It's just a fact. Like the sky is blue, or snow is cold. Cedarwood hosts fantastic weddings. But this one, captured by Kristyn Hogan, is beyond amazing, beyond fantastic. It's filled with rustic, but luxe, details, personal to the couple. And that is something we love to see. Especially when we see it in stills AND in a fab highlight film from FullFrame Digital Cinema (make sure to save a few moments for that - you so won't regret it). Click here for more!

Nashville Wedding

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Nashville Wedding 7

More of this fantastic wedding, this time as FullFrame Digital Cinema saw it...
We wanted the wedding to match our style - sweet, charming vintage chic with natural colors, rustic luxe elements and fun DIY details. Our wedding was intentionally jammed packed full of details, which makes it difficult to pick a favorite. One of my favorite details were the bridesmaid's dresses! My family and I went around several local downtown Nashville shops and boutiques and we found each dress specifically for each girl. Initially, I was nervous because I really had to evaluate my sense of style! What if it ended up being terrible? What if they hated them? We went with our gut feeling and stuck to it. I absolutely loved each girl walking down the aisle in something that made her feel beautiful and unique. Each bridesmaid has been an instrumental part of who I have become and I wanted that to be represented. Not to mention, I wanted them to wear these dresses again!

Looking back on our entire engagement there are three things that I wish I could have done better and more consistently. The first and most important, for us, is to keep our focus off of ourselves and on the Lord. It is by his grace that Taylor and I have become who we are and this marriage is now to honor and glorify him. It is so easy to get wrapped up in and obsess over what you want for your day. In reality, marriage is designed for one purpose and that is to bring us closer to God and to make us more like him. Looking back, I wish that I wouldn't have been so concerned with my desires and my vision but more concerned with His desires and His vision.

My second piece of advice is what people tell you from the beginning of your engagement. Enjoy every day, every idea, every frustration and every moment. This season will pass you by and you will be left wondering how you handled it and what you filled your time and heart with. Be thankful, be joyful and be present in every moment and decision that you make.

Finally, I would encourage someone planning a wedding to plan more for their marriage than they do their wedding. Yes, work hard to plan a beautiful wedding. This is one thing that women dream of for years, so yes, put time, effort and heart into it. Although your wedding is a big deal, keep in mind that your marriage is more so. Your wedding will be perfect, lovely and forgotten. Your marriage is what will endure the hardships of life, not your wedding. Work even harder at preparing your heart and mind to become a good spouse.

Photographer: Kristyn Hogan / Videographer: Full Frame Digital Cinema / Venue: Historic Cedarwood / Planning, Floral and Styling: Cedarwood Weddings / Invitations: Designs in Paper / Table numbers, seating chart and banners: DIY by bride and family / Wedding cake: Patty Cakes / Catering: A Dream Come True Catering / Ceremony Music: Rob Higginbotham and Rebecca Baumbach / Cocktail Hour Music: Mark Barnett Blue Grass Band / Reception Music: Craig Duncan Band / Dress: Alvina Valenta via Arzelles / Hair: Miracles Hair Salon / Stylist: Leslye and Dona