Bella Figura Spotlight
December 22, 2011
We sort of LOVE pretty paper here at SMP and I'm proud to admit that we've been known to go absolutely gaga over it from time to time. Think about it, something as simple as paper creates an impression on all your guests months before they show up for your nuptials. These pretty paper packages not only announce your love to the world, but they invite your nearest and dearest into the word you've created for the biggest day of your life. They are intimate, personal, and oh-so meaningful. Bella Figura, one of our faves for letterpress invites, shares our obsession with pretty little pieces of paper too. Check out our favorite new designs for 2012...







Now do you see why we love Bella Figura so much?! They are constantly ahead of the trend so whether it's metallics, custom calligraphy, or bright neon colors you're into, you'll definitely find something so pretty you'll just have to have it. Just a fair warning however, their website is so full of amazing letterpress designs that you may just lose an entire afternoon gazing at all the loveliness.