Favorite Illinois Weddings Round-Up
December 14, 2011
We are known for bringing it in a big way but today we are going huge with a heavy duty dose of inspiration.  We searched high and low on the main page to bring you our favorite Illinois weddings and, boy oh boy, did we find some good ones.

We headed over to the Little Black Book for this gorgeous inspiration shoot by Nakai Photography.  The look is vibrant, modern and bursting with so many steal-worthy details!

Illinois Wedding I

This Chicago wedding by Dettagli WeddingsErin Hearts Court and Hello Darling is absolutely stunning and has catapulted itself up to the tippity top of my most favorite weddings list ever.

Illinois Wedding III

Last, but certainly not least, an urban beauty to make all your modern-loving hearts go pitter patter.  Olivia Leigh Photographie delivered the killer images, and Hello Darling all the fabulous details, for this city chic celebration.

Illinois Wedding II

So there you have it, not one, not two, but three seriously gorgeous Illinois weddings to get your creative juices flowing.  Pick your favorite and spend some time in the full galleries!