Outdoor John Audubon Center Wedding from Justin & Mary
December 12, 2011
Mid Atlantic
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The poppy centerpieces, from Market Fresh Flowers, which grace this Pennsylvania wedding might just make it on my Christmas wish list. They are absolutely amazing - and after reading about all the work the bride went through to get them (more on that below) I can't help but name them the most beautiful florals I've seen in a long time. Which is fitting, because this wedding? It's a stunner. Perfectly laid back and fun, but the bride and groom scrimped none on style and, of course, love. Captured by Justin & Mary, this wedding is most definitely one for the books. Click here to see more!

Outdoor Pennsylvania Wedding

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Mike and I didn't know where to begin when it came to planning our wedding.  We knew only a few things that we wanted from our big day. We wanted an open outdoor space, an informal but delicious meal, we wanted our guests to mingle, and most important we wanted people to dance!  The Audubon center caught our eye because there were indoor and outdoor elements.  There were trails for our guests to roam and explore, and then there was that 100 year old barn... we were sold.

To encourage our guests to mix and mingle we asked for smaller tables for dinner, and mixed our families at each.  We also had a buffet style meal hoping that guests would get up and move about.  Our wedding party was quite large so we started the party off by introducing them in pairs.  We hand picked some unique songs for each pair to enter to and tried our best to keep it a secret.  We wanted to have a playful vibe to get everyone loose and ready to rock the dance floor.  We even had our DJ create a fun mash up of our favorite songs for us to enter into the reception.  Thanks to our talented DJ and a wedding party without shame the crowd got going, and we danced the night away.

We chose colors that would set the mood for our night.  We chose a modern grey, with a pop of orange and bright green to show our fun side.  Mike and I went on vacation and I saw a field of poppies and fell in love with the wild and delicate look of the flower.  I started calling florists and got many call backs insisting that my choice was impossible.  I even had a few people refuse to work with me based on inquiring about poppies at all! One day I happened to find a card for Christine Brown at Market Fresh Flowers. We set up an appointment to meet and to my delight when I mentioned poppies to Christine she did not immediately turn me down, she got excited!  Due to the delicate nature of the flower Chrisitine ordered a bunch of poppies and tested them out for durability for our bouquets.  When she realized the flower was too delicate for handling and hugging instead of giving up she created the most amazing centerpieces that I will never forget.

The wedding day went without a hitch due to not only our new friends at market fresh flowers but also some of our dearest friends and family.  My extremely talented sister-in-law designed all of the print materials for our wedding including save the dates, invitations, and place cards.  My mother, who is an incredible baker, made bride and groom cookies as a take away treat for our guests.  Even the my nephew, the ring bearer, got in on the action creating a ring box for our wedding bands out of legos.  The day went by so quickly and I am forever grateful to our wonderful friends and photographers Justin and Mary Marantz who captured every moment of our wedding day so beautifully.  Every time I look at our wedding photographs I can smell the afternoon air, sense sun on my shoulders, and feel my husbands hand in mine as we say "I do."

Photography: Justin & Mary / Location: John Audubon Center / Catering & Cake: Jeffrey Miller / Floral Design: Christine Brown of Market Fresh Flowers / DIY Details: Bride & Groom and Groom's sister / DJ: Steve Seegers of DJ Collision / Dress: Priscilla of Boston / Graphic Designer: Brass Feather