Ojai Wedding by Paige Lowe Photography
December 9, 2011
Garden Weddings

I don't think I could love a wedding any more than I love this one. I'm completely smitten with it's perfectly pink hues, gorgeous vistas, and the fact that the entire family chipped in and got their DIY on for the big day. This intimate wedding truly was a labor of love and everyone on the guest list contributed in some way, helping to create a feeling of inclusion and love. Sigh. This sweet fete truly reflects what weddings are all about. Paige Lowe Photography snapped gorgeous image after gorgeous image and there's tons more waiting for you in the gallery.









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From the Bride...Our wedding was a family production from start to finish.We were married at my husband’s parents’ home in Ojai, California, where they operate a private vineyard and small farm.  Despite being busy doctors, they love to cook and prepared most of wedding dishes for our 100 guests.  Imagine having a home cooked meal at your wedding!  My husband and I come from multi-cultural families, so we created a menu to reflect our many heritages.  This included cuisines from Italian, Mexican, African American, Jewish and Californian traditions.  All of the wine served at the wedding was grown, prepared and bottled on the land.

Contributions from family and friends did not stop at the wedding dinner: my sister/maid-of-honor is a pastry chef and she baked all of our amazing wedding desserts; my stepmother styled my hair; the nurses from my mother-in-law’s hospital volunteered to be our servers; our cousin acted as DJ;  my brother-in-law played acoustic guitar during the procession; and our siblings and friends helped us do everything from hand paint decor pieces to shovel cow remnants from the pasture where we were married! It truly was a family affair.  And while the week leading up to the event likely resembled a circus coming to town, the end product was an inclusive celebration in which everyone involved felt a small piece of ownership.  It was the best wedding gift that we could have hoped for.

Tables + Lights: Events Rents / Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham / Flowers: Yamaguchi Florists / Wedding Photography: Paige Lowe Photography / Wedding Day Coordinator: Veronica Johnson / Desserts: Sister of the Bride / Dinner: Groom's Parents / Decor: The Bride + Friends / DJ: DJ Ton Sol