San Diego Workshop Shoot by Justin & Mary
December 8, 2011
United States
We're headed south now, down to San Diego, where Justin & Mary were inspired by the desert wedding in Fools Rush In. We're absolutely loving the juxtaposition of rustic elements like the terra cotta pots alongside the lace and crochet accents, but I'm pretty sure we'd all agree that the amazing vintage inspired dress takes the cake here...although those churros wrapped in lace look pretty darn good too! Click here for even more fabulousness.










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From Justin & Mary....We were inspired by the desert wedding from "Fools Rush In" when preparing for our San Diego stop. We wanted colorful streamers and a festive vibe full of terra cotta and accented by lace. La Estancia served as the perfect backdrop for our reception and we even found the perfect spot on the property to hang our brightly colored streamers! We bought flan from a nearby farmer's market and mixed it in with some traditional breads and pastries to make a dessert table. There was berry water in vintage goblets, churros wrapped in lace and mini succulents as place cards.

How to pick a photographer: Personality is important. There is no doubt about that. And you're going to want to go with a Photographer that makes you feel like a friend. You will spend more time with that person on your wedding day than you will your future spouse, so finding somebody you connect with is crucial. But that's not all that goes into it. Because once the day is over, it will be your relationship with your Photographs, not your Photographer, that will become the most important thing. Did these images capture the feelings and emotion of the day? Can you look at them and feel like you're right back in that moment? Are they authentic? Did they capture life as it happened. Are they enduring? Will they become iconic and nostalgic? Or will they just become the "heads in the brandy snifter"  shots of our generation. You want images that you will fall in love with over and over again for the next 50 or 60 years. Images that your grandchildren will be proud to put in silver frames. The last thing you want is for someone to look at your pictures and say, "So I see you got married in 2011." You want something that leaves behind a legacy. A history. That documents the start of a life together. Something that will stand the test of time. Just like the two of you.

Photography: Justin & Mary / Style Interns: Dianne Dotter + Sarah Lejavardi / Reception Location: Estancia / Bridal Gown: bliss bride / Maids: Village Bridal Boutique / Accessories: LovMely / Make-up Artist + Hair: Stephanie Boardman / Paperie: Jim & Ravyn of Three Fifteen Design / Printer: Czar Press / Vintage Rentals: Pow Wow Vintage / Maid Models: Dianne Dotter + Nicole Benitez / Bride + Groom: Lizzie + Ip